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June 2, 2014 / / action alert
October 15, 2010 / / activism

By Guest Contributor Ninoy Brown, cross-posted from FOBBDeep

A week ago, at Oakland’s amazing Eastside Arts Alliance, I was among the many sardined bodies packed into the space to watch Mountains that Take Wing, a documentary about two two seminal figures in American activism, Angela Davis and Yuri Kochiyama.

For folks that are unaware of the contributions made by these powerful womyn of color, please school yourself.

Watching and hearing Yuri and Angela reflect on 90+ years of activism grounded myself back to the importance of serving the people and not getting burned out.  Discussions about life, struggles, and the evolving social landscape throughout the decades was profound to see.

The night of the show, both individuals were present, but Yuri had to leave early because she was feeling under the weather.  This brought me back to reality knowing that two individuals that I hold highly are immortal and that it is even more important now to hear their personal narratives so as to offer the younger generations insight and perspective.

Hella inspired.

Watch the trailer below.

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