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Women To Watch In Ghanaian Politics [An African Election]

By Latoya Peterson

Like so many other nations, the political landscape in Ghana is dominated by men. An African Election takes a look at the key players in the battle for the highest office in the land–but aside from a few brief comments from Hanna Tetteh, the election is yet another boys’ club. But that doesn’t mean that women aren’t on the scene.

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An African Election: African Feminisms With Minna Salami And Yaba Blay

Ask a simple question, get incredible answers.

That’s what happened during yesterday’s tweet-up when the R and National Black Programming Consortium‘s AfroPoP.TV asked African feminist activist/scholars Minna Salami (a.k.a @MsAfropolitan) and Yaba Blay (a.k.a. @fiyawata) to offer their Twitterfied thoughts on African feminisms and their influence in Ghanaian policies and politics. How feminism and gender play out in Ghana’s 2008 election is a question that is touched on in Jarreth Merz’s documentary, An African Election.

During the lively discussion with our fantastic guest tweeters, the R asked them about how the race is constructed in African feminisms versus how it’s constructed in Western, specifically US, Black feminism/womanism. Their answers are after the jump.

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An African Election Tweet-Up: African Feminism With @MsAfropolitan And @fiyawata

What is African, specifically Ghanaian, feminism?

What role did feminism and women’s right in Ghana’s 2008 election and beyond?

What can western feminism learn from African feminism?

Racialicious and National Black Programming Consortium‘s AfroPoP.TV are so thrilled to have Minna Salami (a.k.a. @MsAfropolitan) and Yaba Blay (a.k.a. @fiyawata) as the guests for tomorrow’s tweet-up to talk about these and other questions related to African feminism! We’ll kick off the discussion on Twitter at 11AM EDT with the hashtag #AfricanElection.

So, please join us for our tweetversation tomorrow!


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