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Wyatt Cenac Turns The Tables On PETA

Okay, I have to take a late pass for this one, but Wyatt Cenac took aim at PETA’s latest publicity stunt: claiming that the orcas at Seaworld are actually slaves, and should be freed under the 13th amendment. Wyatt justifiably gave that idea the side eye, called in civil rights activist Elaine Brown, and basically said a bunch of things we’ve wanted to say to PETA for a while now.

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Since We’re Just Throwing The Word Around…

Wyatt Cenac breaks down racism in American geography, pointing out that Rick Perry’s dumb ass ranch is only the tip of our racially charged cartographic iceberg:

Stewart: Wyatt, what does this say about America?
Cenac: (yelling) It says there aren’t enough black people making maps!

That’s my new answer to everything.

Triple Awesome Score for the America the Beautiful remix. Lord, Wyatt’s going to make me start DVRing The Daily Show again…

Next week, we will discuss why it’s not just about the damn word, but I’m too burned from the week to do it now. Also, file under things to look up when we have time – why “fuck” is bleeped out on TV, but nigger is cool. I’ve been wondering that since the Chappelle’s Show, and then the Boondocks, so at some point, I need to get an answer.