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November 11, 2009 / / asian-american

By Guest Contributor Jenn, originally published at Reappropriate

The LA Times has a story out today on a report released by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center detailing the Asian American vote in the 2008 presidential election. Gratifyingly, the report notes that the Asian American voter turnout in Los Angeles County has grown by an astounding 39% in California since 2000, showing the growing importance of the Asian American vote in the state.

For the countless organizations that are involved in improving voter turnout for APIAs, this is great news –  a validation of the countless hours spent canvassing and phonebanking Asian American voters to increase voter turnout. But it also underscores to me the importance of GOTV efforts — even with the massive increase in APIA voter turnout in L.A. County, the national voter turnout for APIAs remains 7% lower than the national average.

The 2008 election was also an energizing election; GOTV efforts must also focus now on ensuring that Asian American voters continue to vote — not just in national elections, but in local elections for propositions, city council, and state government.

The report has some interesting findings on top of its “take-home message” that APIA voter turnout has increased in L.A. county. Check out this graph showing voter trends within the APIA community and compared to all registered voters in the region. Unlike the voting population at-large, Asian American voters are predominantly foreign-born and skew older, suggesting that language, immigration, and other concerns that appeal to immigrant voters will have greater impact on our community. Indeed, APALC reports that over 90% of Asian American voters, regardless of country of origin, support improving English language training for immigrants.

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April 20, 2009 / / african-american

By Guest Contributor Tami, originally published at What Tami Said

As the nation’s first black president settles into the office, a division is deepening between two groups of African Americans: those who want to continue to praise Obama and his historic ascendancy, and those who want to examine him more critically now that the election is over. Read more…

Really? Damn! I hate when there is a battle a-brewing among my peeps and I don’t know anything about it. It’s a good thing that newspapers like the Washington Post have the skinny on black America, so I can keep up-to-date between SCAN meetings.

Sigh…okay…politics and cult-of-personality do seem to go together these days. (And that ain’t a black thing…Sarah Palin anyone?) And, yes, black people tend to be protective of our own, like members of many marginalized groups. We know that societal biases bring lots of heat on those who are not white, male, Christian, heterosexual, able-bodied and cisgendered, so we try not to pile on and give the benefit of the doubt when we can. But we are not stupid. This notion that black people are incapable of critical thought and judging members of our race fairly is getting old…really old. And I lament that some black public faces are participating in giving this meme more cred than it deserves.

The subtext dripping from this article? See, blacks really did vote for Obama just because he was black! We know it’s true, because we got three brave, black people to talk about how maligned they are for daring speak ill of the Messiah. It’s just as we thought all along! Read the Post WaPo laments Barack Obama’s blind black followers