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Go vote for Kiri Davis’s “A Girl Like Me”!

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

CosmoGirl.com is currently hosting a film contest. The winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship!

One of the finalists is the amazing Kiri Davis, whose short film “A Girl Like Me” does an incredible job of showing just how deeply we are affected by European beauty ideals. Even young children aren’t immune, as she demonstrates in her black/white doll test. You might have seen me blog about it at Anti-Racist Parent a couple months back.

So head on over, watch her film and vote! :) How awesome would it be if she got the scholarship?

And fellow POC/race bloggers, maybe you could put a call out on your own blogs to encourage your readers to vote for her too!

More black men in jail than college? Actually, no.

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Check out this video (hat tip to Keith Boykin) that debunks oft-cited statistics about black men. Stats like 1 out of 2 black men doesn’t graduate from college. Or that there are more college-age black men in jail than in school. And visit out this page, where they compile links to all the sources they used for their research.

Wasted youth?

by Jen Chau
Aw hell. At first I thought it was cool that there was actually a category that involved rap lyrics on Jeopardy, but notice Alex Trebek’s comment to the woman who keeps getting the correct answers.

Wasted youth?! Gee, tell us how you really feel, Alex?! 😐 I think someone needs to call Trebek on his corrolation of listening to rap/knowing rap with *waste*. Wasted time? Wasted childhood? No surprise that he is making this connection. Disturbing that this kind of comment typically (probably) goes unnoticed and unchecked.

Even with his negative remark, it still seems like he is having too much fun reciting those lyrics… 😉 By the way, why is an older white man rapping the most hysterical thing ever? Does anyone remember a video that was being passed around a little while ago of this guy doing really good impressions of famous hip hop celebrities? Everyone who sent it my way would comment on the hilarity of it. I guess it was really just awe that such a person (read: older white man) would be interested in hip hop enough to actually spend time listening to it and perfecting his performance of it. I guess you would never see Alex Trebek doing that. What a waste of time! (YES! I love YouTube. I can’t believe I found it.)

Check out another Trebek questionable moment.

(Thanks to my little bro at TheThink, where I saw this originally).

The Muppets say ‘F**k the Police’

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

nwa straight outta comptonI spotted this on the Best Week Ever blog awhile back but finally got around to watching it this weekend and it’s hilarious. Click here to watch a video mashup of the cast from The Muppet Show and Sesame Street performing N.W.A.’s “F**k the Police.”

By the way, do you all know that Elmo is a black man? Meaning, he’s voiced by a black man. Yeah yeah the dude was a guest on Oprah earlier this year so it’s not such a big secret anymore, but I’ve known for much longer than that because our very own Jen Chau interned at Jim Henson’s workshop back when she was in high school. How cool is that? :)