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Live From Facing Race — The Next Fifty

From the program description:

This year and next we will celebrate the anniversaries of major racial justice victories like the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. In this plenary, big thinkers will reflect on trends and strategies for the next half century.

With the Voting Rights Act itself under political assault, the conference’s final plenary feels more timely — and more needed — than ever. The discussion will feature:

The conference’s final plenary begins at 4:30 p.m. EST, and can be seen below.

Racialicious Crush Of The Week, Facing Race Edition: Yvonne Yen Liu

By Andrea Plaid

Yvonne Yen Liu. Photo: courtesy of the interviewee.

Like I mentioned at the Facing Race roundtable yesterday, the “No Justice, No Peas” panel left a deep impression on me because it addresses what otherwise great food-movement documentaries like Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives sometimes touch on but tend to erase entirely: the food workers of color who do the incredible work of bringing the food–both organic and non-organic–to USians’ palettes and gullets and how deeply economic exploitation and racial injustice not only affects their lives but the lives of their families and neighborhoods. (The Storified version of the panel is here.)

Pretty prescient and very relevant, considering the current fast-food workers strikes.

I just had to vibe with the panel’s brilliant and passionate facilitator, Yvonne Yen Liu, who’s the outgoing Senior Research Associate at the Applied Research Center (the people who bring you the Facing Race conference and Colorlines) and the incoming Director of the Global Movements at WhyHunger. We chatted about not only how she found her way to food justice but also how that issue intertwines with race, racism, sexism, and labor justice, and how one journalist cluelessly said that the food movement isn’t a social justice issue.

I know. I know. Read on…

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Take Back America Conference Open Thread

Most of our bandwidth is consumed with Occupy Wall Street this week – but there’s a second major conference happening.

The Take Back America Conference is currently happening at the Hilton in DC, having started yesterday. Livestream and tweeting is up – yesterday boasted everyone from the progressive rockstars (Van Jones, Congressional Representatives Donna Edwards, Barbara Lee, and Keith Ellison Ai-Jen Poo, Keith Ellison) to people we know (Baratunde, Elon James White, Rinku Sen.)

Free Speech TV asked if I could help with the reporting, along with friends of the blog like Adele Stan of Alternet and Chris Rabb of Afronetizen and Demos. I’ll be on tomorrow from 10 – 12, interviewing Saru Jayaraman, Tracy Van Slyke, Raven Brooks, Jim Miller, Robert (Biko) Baker, Mike Lux, and Ai-Jen Poo.

You can check the livestream here, or follow the twitter hashtag #takeback11.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Also, Wednesday, I’ll be covering the Jobs Not Cuts Rally, also with Free Speech TV.

Van Jones Pushed Out of the Obama Administration

by Latoya Peterson

Over the weekend, I received the following email from Green For All:

Late last night, Van Jones resigned from his position with the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Many of us are left with pain and anger after seeing a leader of integrity, vision, and commitment targeted by hateful personal attacks. Van stepped down in service to our movement. He felt that fighting the attacks would draw attention to him and detract from our mission.

Now, our challenge is to turn our disappointment and anger into action and renewed resolve for our common goals.

Like the great social justice movements of the 20th century, our movement for an inclusive green economy is based in the most fundamental American values: equality, justice, and opportunity for all.

That’s why our opponents reduced the debate to fear, hatred, and division. They cannot win a debate about values. They cannot win a debate about solutions. Continue reading