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The Walking Dead Roundtable 3.10: “Home”

Hosted by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joe Lamour


Gene Page. Via AMC.com.

Ghosts, psychosis, and the undead. As I outlined in my recap on Monday, things are completely normal here on The Walking Dead. Let’s take a look at the roundtablers’ thoughts. Ken Hwynn, Jeannie Chan, Kiki Smith, and NIkki Urban join me to chat about the episode.

The breakdown: Each week, a Walking Dead roundtabler or I will provide a recap the day after the newest episode airs. The next Friday morning a roundtable discussion of the episode is posted hosted by me, Joe, and a variety of guest commenters.
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A Scandal Roundtable Discussion On “Olivia Pope and the Scandal of Representation”

Last week, Scandal roundtabler Jordan St. John brought attention to an Feminist Wire article, “Olivia Pope and the Scandal of Representation” by Brandon Maxwell. We thought it relevant to hold a special roundtable about it, in addition to this week’s episodic roundtable.

I advise that you take a read of the article on Feminist Wire to form your own opinions too–and be sure to share them in the comments.

Jordan St. John pretty much takes the helm on this, but T.F. Charlton and Johnathan Fields also took some time out of their week to share their cogent analyses.
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The Scandal Roundtable 2.14: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

Hosted by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour

Image via ABC.com.

Image via ABC.com.

Last week in my recap I recounted a personal story that bears repeating, since it sums up what I think about President Fitzgerald Grant at this point in time:

When I was a 22-year-old living in New York City, I met a man. He was moderately famous, which at that age, already had me head over heels. He was considerably older than me, considerably richer (which is to say, he had money,) and very into me, as I was to him. I met him a week after I moved to the Upper West Side the summer of 2005, and I dated him until I moved back to DC, having exhausted my immature mind and wallet in New York. This fellow was the first relationship I ever shared a mutual love with–that is to say, I loved him at the same time he loved me.

I have this endgame love fantasy that when I meet a man…the man…one balmy Saturday, we’ll wake up, leash the dog (a toy poodle or a shiba inu or something else fuzzy and precious), and I’ll walk out the door with the dog,the man, and my Celine tote–overpriced, but in this fantasy I can afford it. We go to the farmer’s market, picking up locally grown kale, bluefish, and a jar of pomegranate preserves for dinner that night. You know–super-gay, comfortable, perfect, aesthetically pleasing love on the weekend. He was the first guy I was able to visually place in that fantasy.

Unfortunately, while we both loved each other immensely–and almost moved in together–we also both had mental issues to work through. Like I said, I was immature: I had problems with responsibility; I used to flirt with his friends to make him mad; he was bipolar and only sometimes took medication for it. Obviously these two personality types don’t mix for long. We used to have these intense screaming-over-the-phone fights that would make everyone around me uncomfortable–and I wouldn’t care. What I did care about is what he used to say to me. I won’t repeat them because this is a family blog (where the word asshat is allowed, of course). I guess not telling you anything about what he said is a cop-out. I will say he used a lot of C-, W-, F-and S-words with me, in increasingly unpleasant combinations. A lot of it was because of his swings between mania and depression, but since he chose to forego medication, it was something I had to deal with the whole time I was with him. Those things he used to say to me were a lot like the things Fitz says to Olivia when he’s angry at her. That kind of emotional abuse is something I couldn’t live with, and after some thinking, and crying, (and pondering, and weeping,) I broke up with him a little bit before I moved south.

And now how this all connects: that last scene between Olivia and Fitz reminded me why I had no regrets moving to DC (at least, initially). No person–and I don’t care what they’ve done–should ever be spoken to like Fitz spoke to Olivia. This is especially pertinent in a relationship. For me, Fitzgerald Grant has officially passed over “flawed” and into “bad person.” It appears Olivia thinks so, too, since she accepts the date with Captain Donut, who again, is the wrong man, since there’s probably no good explanation as to why he’s spying on her. I’m glad I had the forethought to break up with someone to continue my hunt for happiness, but will Shonda ever let Olivia find a little happiness of her own?

That is to say, now I’m pretty sure he’s an asshat now and forever. I ask Jordan St. John, Zach Stafford, Loree Lamour, and T.F. Charlton: do you agree?
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The Walking Dead Recap 3.10: “Home”

by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour

Image from AMC.com.

Image from AMC.com.

This week’s episode gave us a few shocking moments (one in particular for me involving a hatchback door… shiver), and a few interesting things to discuss come the roundtable. One of those things was Glenn and Maggie’s talk this episode, as well as Herschel and Glenn’s conversation afterward. Then there’s the last ten minutes of the episode…

The breakdown: Each week, a Walking Dead roundtabler or I will provide a recap the day after the newest episode airs. The next Friday morning a roundtable discussion of the episode is posted hosted by me, Joe, and a variety of guest commenters.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead 3.10: “Home” are below the cut!
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The Walking Dead Recap 3.9: “The Suicide King”

by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour


The Walking Dead has returned! Huzzah! It takes quite a fan base for a TV show to come back in awards season. Competing with The Grammys, I made a night of channel flipping between my live-tweeting duties and undead counter programming: Bruno Mars crooning to zombies groaning; watching Rick’s sanity slip a little more to Jennifer Lopez’s slipping taste; witnessing Andrea’s desire for normalcy result in a huge case of denial (willfully ignoring fish tanks full of zombie heads?) to… nope. There’s really nothing like Andrea’s thought process.

Note: The Walking Dead Roundtable will be slightly different from now on: If you’ve read our Scandal roundtables, you’ll be familiar with the setup: each week, a Racialicious denizen will provide an episode summary the day after the newest episode airs. For The Walking Dead, that day will be Mondays. Then, on Friday a longer roundtable discussion of the episode is posted hosted by moi, Joe, accompanied by a circle of insightful fans.

So, now there will be two Walking Dead posts, or 2x the zombie fun.

Recap for The Walking Dead Episode 3.9: “The Suicide King” appears under the cut!

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The Scandal Roundtable 2.12: “Truth Or Consequences”

Hosted by Joseph Lamour

Instead of an intro I think we should look at a preview for the next episode because, I mean, Good Lord.

Fitz, calm down.

Let’s get to talking about the events (first discussed in last week’s recap) that led up to Fitz hating his First Lady so much even though he cheated on her. T.F., I’m definitely sailing slowly towards Team Mellie. I mean, all that’s keeping me on Team Olitz at this point are…you know…abs.

Loree Lamour, Johnathan Fields, Jordan St. John, T.F. Charlton, and Zach Stafford join me to dissect the issues.

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Scandal Recap 2.12: “Truth Or Consequences”

by Joseph Lamour


If you missed last night’s episode,  all of the White Hat Brigade knows most of Scandal’s huge secrets–and don’t you worry… I won’t discuss it till we’re under the cut. Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it yet: a character is indignant about something–I hope I didn’t give too much away! As we all know, Scandal is all about these secrets and how they simultaneously enrich and ruin everyone in Northwest DC.

A lot happened in this episode, so let’s get to it!

The breakdown: Each week, Kendra or I will provide a Friday Scandal recap the day after the newest episode airs. The next Thursday morning a longer roundtable discussion of the episode is posted featuring Joe, Kendra, and a variety of guest commenters.

Spoilers for Scandal 2.12: “Truth Or Consequences” are under the cut.

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Introducing The Scandal Recap and Roundtable

by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour


Every week, your resident entertainment buffs (that is to say…Kendra James and I) will recap the plot of Scandal. Then, the following Thursday morning, we will invite some Racialicious friends in for an in-depth discussion of the previous episode’s events, their implications, and thoughts of what’s to come.

MAJOR Plot Spoilers for Scandal 2.10, “One for the Dog,” after the jump. You’ve been warned…

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