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January 19, 2011 / / LGBTQ

By Guest Contributor Pam Spaulding, cross-posted from Pam’s House Blend

As the country commemorates Martin Luther King Day and reflects on Tucson, The Daily Beast crunches the numbers to rank the tolerances of every state across America. How did yours stack up?

In the four-plus decades since Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, America has surely moved closer to a country where people are judged more by content of their character than the color of their skin-or their gender, religion or sexual orientation. In honor of today’s national holiday, and mindful of the debate fostered by the massacre in Tucson, The Daily Beast sought to examine which states are the most tolerant, devising a thorough point system that measures each state’s residents based on their actions and opinions, as well the scope of state laws guaranteeing equal rights and protections, which reflects the broader political will.

When you surf over to look at these rankings by The Daily Beast as described above, a state’s tolerance ranking takes into account this criteria:

1. Tolerance score: __ out of 100
2. Hate crime score: __ out of 40
3. Discrimination score: __ out of 40
4. Gay rights score: __ out of 10
5. Religious Tolerance Score: __ out of 10
6. Hate crime incidents per 100,000 residents: __ (+ ranking out of 50 states)
7. Discrimination cases filed per 100,000 residents: __ (+ ranking out of 50 states)
8. Population in support of same-sex marriage: __
9. Population that believes many religions lead to eternal life: __%

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