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September 23, 2010 / / disability

Hosted by Arturo R. García

In one sense, “2.0” kicked off what’s sure to become one of the show’s major plot points: Who’s really running Alex’s agenda? The episode veered back and forth between showing her being rescued and cleaned up by Nikita in preparation for infiltrating Division and, in the present, getting rushed into – ahem – service while the department tries to protect a smarmy former despot.

Sure, right now Alex is firmly in Nikita’s corners for reasons not-quite-known, but with Michael once again “getting too close” to the rookie agent, there’s sure to be a triangle of some sort developing in the weeks to come. Which still might mean bad news for Maggie Q’s title character, but in the meantime, at least she still gets to shoot people – seeing her blast a fool into the wall was fun – and crack a joke here and there. But not all the Table members are as high on the show anymore …

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September 17, 2010 / / asian-american

Hosted by Arturo R. García

We’re baaaaack! And kicking off our look at the season’s new TV offerings – well, the ones that at least promise to highlight POC – with the CW’s Nikita, the latest iteration of Luc Besson’s femme-fatale franchise. In talking about this show awhile back, I expressed some weariness over the backstory for Lyndsy Fonseca’s character, Alex, being recruited specifically for being a pretty white girl. But as you’ll see below, what we’ve gotten so far actually has some more layers than that.

The story plays out more like an update of the Nikita mythos than a straight-up reboot: there’s still the requisite morally-ambiguous Covert Government Agency, and the Conflicted Spy-Runner (Shane West). But the most pleasant surprise of the first episode was seeing that Nikita (Maggie Q) wasn’t around just to give the show a pretty poster, but will actually be treated like an integral part of the story. Indeed, the show makes good use of Q’s Hong Kong action-flick sensibilities, and gives us just enough of her back-story to lend the character some depth. But Nikita’s debut hour actually delivers some more nice touches besides that.


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