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October 28, 2013 / / Entertainment

By Jeannie Chan

Last week, we learned that there’s a fast-moving killer flu infecting the prison. Before they can even get a sense of how bad it is or how to treat it, someone took the initiative to eliminate the infected and killed Karen and David. It didn’t do much good since the infection has already spread. This week, tension runs high all around as more people get sick and Tyreese tries to deal with Karen’s death.

(Full recap and spoilers under cut!)

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October 21, 2013 / / Entertainment

By Jeannie Chan

Many people, myself included, felt that the season premiere started off real slow. Nothing exciting happened. Barely anybody died. It was, more or less, boring. It reigned in character development! But action? Not so much. I mean, I didn’t even have to mute the episode at all! (This is the only way I can get through the scary parts of TWD when I watch it alone, okay? Don’t judge me.) Well, to make amends for last week’s lack of grossouts, this episode begins with the first of many lovely scenes that will surely induce fits of “AHUGH GROSS!” Also, we learn more about Michonne, which warrants a +1000 to the writers. FINALLY.

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October 18, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Jeannie Chan

Welcome back to a new season of The Walking Dead! Every week, I will nitpick er, lead a roundtable discussion of the previous Sunday’s episode. (For a recap on the plot of the episode, go here!) We ease into the fourth season of the series with a low body count and a general sense that our post-apocalyptic survivors are holding their own and doing pretttty well? Which, in theory, affords us more time to get to know these people a little better. Carly Mitchell and Kiki Smith join me this week to analyze the new character Bob Stookey and how well the Woodburies are fitting in with the rest of the group.

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October 14, 2013 / / Television

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

 By Jeannie Chan

And we’re back! Welcome to Season 4 of The Walking Dead recaps! I will try not to be as long-winded and opinionated in summarizing each week’s episode as I tend to get in the TWD Roundtables, but… I can’t make any promises.

The third season finale left me with so many questions and such disappointment about the gaping plot holes, I completely forgot what happened. AMC is kind enough to refresh our memories and let us know that the prison inherited a bunch of Woodburies. Rick finally admitted that he was not fit to be in charge of everything (sort of) and established a council. Also, Carl’s ease with which he killed another human being is something we definitely need to watch out for.

**SPOILER ALERT! Full recap for The Walking Dead 4.1: “30 Days Without an Accident” under the cut!

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April 5, 2013 / / Entertainment
April 1, 2013 / / Entertainment

by Joseph Lamour

Image via AMCtv.com.

So, everyone… like… I’m annoyed.

Here are the reasons I am annoyed, because I cannot bear to recap this season finale in my typical way, since nothing happened, and everything happened (that I did not want to happen.) As a fan of The Governor arc… I am sad. And annoyed. Don’t forget annoyed.

MAJOR SPOILERS for The Walking Dead 3.16: “Welcome To The Tombs” are under the cut…

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March 25, 2013 / / Entertainment
Why don’t you bring that zombie in on the discussion, too, asshat. He fits the criteria.

I used to think that episode where we conveniently weren’t at the prison were good because they were something different. I liked it because it didn’t have Rick in it. You can find out why this is, after the cut.

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March 25, 2013 / / Entertainment
Image via AMCtv.com.

Today, you get two zombie posts in one day! Carly Mitchell, Jeannie Chan, and Jenn Kim join me to discuss last week’s episode, “Prey,” and then in the next post, I recap yesterday’s episode.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead 3.14: Prey, are under the cut!

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