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Open Thread: The Walking Dead 4.7 “Dead Weight”



By Jeannie Chan

Last week, we were (at least, I was) manipulated into thinking that the Governor had become a new man. The RT’ers spent all of the last episode nervously waiting for the Governor to crack and go off on another murderous rampage. But it didn’t happen. This week, we pick up right where we left off with Martinez staring at him down the barrel of a gun. By the end of the episode, we catch up to Team Prison’s timeline with the Governor standing outside. But first, let’s talk about all the crazy things that happened in between. Let’s get the ball rolling on this open thread!

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The Walking Dead Recap 4.6 “Live Bait”


In the previouslies, AMC takes us back to Woodbury and the Governor’s escalation towards becoming Michonne’s archnemesis. I had actually forgotten (and by that, I mean that I probably looked away the first time) that Michonne had stabbed the Governor’s daughter through the back of the head like that, and I had just started to forget the image of the Governor being stabbed in the eye, so I’d like to thank AMC for taking me back. We’re jumping back in time with this week’s episode to find out what the Governor has been up to this whole time.

(Full recap and spoilers after the cut!)

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The Walking Dead Recap 4.5: “Internment”



By Jeannie Chan

Previously, on TWD: the flu spreads rapidly throughout the prison and our favorite characters are in danger of dying. Hershel sent a team out to the veterinary college to get medicine and ended up most likely infected himself. Rick confronted Carol about killing Karen and David and told her she could not come back to the prison.

This week, we pick up right where Rick left off and open with a mesmerizing and haunting scene of him driving back to the prison. He keeps flexing his bandaged hand, probably still throbbing after the beating he gave Ty, and glancing over at the watch Carol gave him. How many things are you going to let haunt you for the rest of your life, Rick?

(Spoilers and full recap after the cut!)

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Where Are All the Zombies of Colour?

By Guest Contributor Jenn, cross-posted from The Nerds of Color

I don’t mean the zombie survivors. I mean the zombies.

Ironically, The Walking Dead is pretty racially diverse compared to other zombie movies in the genre. Remember Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake? There are, in that case, two sole surviving Black men, although one (Mekhi Phifer’s Andre) is singularly stupid. Meanwhile, there are no other notable characters of any other race or ethnicity among the survivors. And how about 28 Days Later ? Sure, the main female protagonist is a Black woman (Selena, played by Naomie Harris ), but why is she the main cast’s only character of colour despite the fact that London boasts a 20% Black and 20% Asian population . In fact, most zombie movies are typically populated by an almost all-White (with a token or two) surviving cast; against this backdrop, I’m relatively pleased by the racial diversity of The Walking Dead, One-Black-Man-At-a-Time rule notwithstanding (more on this later in the Walker Week).

But, here’s my gripe: where the heck are all the zombies of colour?
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Open Thread: The Walking Dead 4.4 “Indifference”


By Jeannie Chan

This episode was a doozy. I am holding onto the hope that this season is THE season for The Walking Dead. We keep digging a little deeper with each episode and this week seemed to be the most introspective of them all. I regret not being able to squee as much as I usually do, but let’s hear from you guys! We have a lot to talk about.

Who’s on Team Rick? First of all, this is going to be a huge point of contention. I am still on the fence about this myself, but did Rick make the right call in banishing Carol? His other options aren’t that great. It’s either tell Tyreese that Carol killed Karen and Tyreese will exact vengeance on her, or what, lie for her?

Who’s on Team Carol? I stand by my love for Carol. When she explained that she learned how to reset a dislocated shoulder by Googling it, or whatever, because she was tired (read: ashamed) of having to tell the ER nurses that she “fell down the stairs again,” we’re reminded of the quiet, timid, battered woman she used to be. No one can deny that she has made a huge transformation since Season 1. No one else on this show has changed as much as she has. Few other characters have earned our respect like she has either. And that’s what makes it so hard to see her be exiled like this.

Overall, this was a huge downer of an episode, right? But it was done so amazingly well. I am loving how utterly and devastatingly human these people are now. Or really, again, because, you know, they are. Or were before the world fell apart. And this theme of holding onto their humanity is taking an interesting turn with Lizzy’s obsession and confusion with the walkers. Children are always going to have a hard time understanding the permanency of death, the cycle of life, etc. etc. and I imagine that can only be more muddled when the cycle is never-ending now. And on the other end of this spectrum, we have that shot of the photo on the wall to show us that the walker that Bob just disposed of had, at one point, been a real person with friends and family and had hobbies, like hunting. The last time we were given this glimpse into a random walker was in the very first episodes of the season when we met Morgan Jones’s wife.

Also, I completely forgot about Sophia until Carol mentioned her again. And when I remembered, I felt like I was punched in the stomach. And when Carol just simply said, “No,” when she was asked if she lost her daughter to walkers, my heart broke for her. And for Rick. And then my heart broke again when Bob revealed that he snuck some booze during the medicine run and we learned that his motives for joining the group on these outings were compulsions to satisfy the alcohol dependency he is still clearly struggling with.

And Michonne finally was able to admit to herself that the Governor’s trail has gone completely cold. (Has it though?? I have no idea if David Morrissey has signed on for episode this season and I don’t even want to check because I want to be able to react appropriately if and when he shows up but his plotline can’t just dry up like this, right? There has to be an epic showdown, right?)

Anyway, I have a lot of questions. And a lot of feelings to process. I’m sure you all do too. Let’s rage it out together in the comments below!