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The Friday Mixtape – The Art Of Rap Edition

Not much commentary this week – I’m not feeling well. But, to circle back to The Art Of Rap, which I reviewed earlier this week, here’s a look at the film’s actual soundtrack. Solid enough, but, much like the film, it’s short a few necessary voices who would sound great in a theater setting. So here’s a short collection of MCs and tracks we should’ve heard from:

Rhymes And Reasons: The Racialicious Review of The Art Of Rap

By Arturo R. García

Fittingly, the most sincerely gripping moments in Ice-T’s directorial debut, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, happen when the art form is allowed to speak for itself: when tracks like “Straight Outta Compton” and “The Message” kick in on a theater-quality sound system, alongside footage of the neighborhoods their stories inspired, Ice’s argument behind their power comes through loud and clear.

But in attempting to break down both the mechanics and the magic behind MCing, Ice unwittingly undercuts both the audience and his interview subjects. At least, as of right now. Some spoilers under the cut.
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