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Meet Up: The Secret Racial Feminist Identities Crash Mob in Austin, TX

by Latoya Peterson


Crashmob: Combination of flashmob and party crasher; normally formed when organizers of a meet-up decide last minute to hang out and fail to reserve a space. Forces those interested to organize virtually and just roll up on an unsuspecting establishment.

So far, the folks coming with us are…

Jeff Yang, co-author of Secret Identities and Asian Pop columnist
Miriam Perez, editor, Feministing and founder of Radical Doula
Lisa Nakamura, digital race pioneer, Director of the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.
Deanna Sutton, founder and editor Clutch Magazine and Coco & Creme
Tina Shoulders, founder and editor, Design in Color

And expect more folks once we actually confirm who will be at SXSW this year.

Date is Saturday, March 12th. Time and location TBD.

Hope to see you there – also, if you want to attend, but are under 21, please indicate this in the comments section. (If not, we generally pick a bar).