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August 19, 2010 / / latino

By Arturo R. García

After her turns on America’s Next Top Model and various other reality shows, Adrianne Curry has garnered support in geek fandom because of her open affinity for cosplay and Star Wars. But her appearance at last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration V event has led to multiple instances of ugliness.

Earlier this week on MySpace, she blogged that what she initially thought was “a breeze” underneath her Slave Leia costume skirt was in fact a man groping her.

As I tried to push down my skirt I felt an arm underneath it. Then I was grabbed, hard, downstairs. At the time, my mind had trouble computing what had just happened. However, adrenaline kicked in and suddenly my heart was leaping out of my chest. it was like a ray f god shone down and I felt instantly sober. I whirled around and elbowed whoever was behind me to find myself looking eye to eye with a glassy eyed very stocky mexican man. He spoke NO english and was NOT a Star wars fan , nerd, or con goer.

Make no mistake, this type of incident is despicable and should never be condoned. But as you might expect, the Victim-Blaming Brigade came out of the woodwork, suggesting that Curry was “asking” to be touched inappropriately because of her costuming. So columns like this one are quite correct in calling out that kind of nonsense.

But while it’s understandable for Curry to point out that the assailant wasn’t affiliated with the convention, her continued, emphatic presumptions on his race and immigration status are uncalled for. When it was pointed out to her on Twitter that his being an “illegal immigrant” or not had nothing to do with the assault itself, she responded:

i dont care! he has no reason being here praying [sic] on americans … my brother is half mexican, his dad is from mexico city

Which also has no bearing on either the incident or her response; if anything, you’d hope having Mexicans in the family would make one more aware of the dangers of not only labeling someone as an “illegal immigrant” without context, but in portraying immigrants as some sort of Boogeyman.

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