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Love Bites
Single Ladies

Is it more realistic to paint a world where interracial relationships don’t matter at all, or one where race is just one of many issues?

In most projects that make it to both the large and small screen race is either the largest issue for the couple being portrayed, or it isn’t mentioned at all. Two new shows spent the summer season exploring the tangled world of race and relationships: but where VH1’s Single Ladies chose a racially aware way to present interracial relationships, Love Bites chose intentional color blindness…which ultimately reverted into the usual predominantly white cast with the occasional PoC best friends (and one foray with Donald Faizon).

Love Bites pulled two million viewers last week as of the last recorded numbers – after a disappointing premiere Love Bites has limped along, able to be charming, but not much else. That’s a shame, since Cindy Chupack (the show creator, who dropped out as showrunner) was one of the talented main writers behind Sex and the City. And a lot of the cast has already moved on to other projects, so the project appears doomed. Read the Post Mixed Media Watch: Love Bites and Single Ladies Showcase Interracial Relationships