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Page Skimming – Articles of Interest from the End of 2007/Early 2008

by Racialicious Special Correspondent Latoya Peterson

Colorlines Magazine
November/December 2007 Issue


This entire issue of Colorlines is worth a full, thorough read, but here are a few of the articles that caught my eye:

Wasting Away in Margaritaville (p. 10)

Exploring the construction of mega-casino, Margaritaville (a $700 million dollar joint venture between Harrah Casino and Jimmy Buffet), the article points out how the people living and working in East Biloxi have been shut out of the city planning dialogue.

Q & A: Etan Thomas (p. 16)

A refreshing peek into the mind of an athlete who embraces speaking out about social and political political issues.

Inner Peace (p. 48)

Article Tagline: “As more Americans take to the mat, Black teachers use yoga to uplift their community.”

Bomb Magazine
Winter 2008 Issue


This entire issue focuses on discussing the contemporary art scene in Brazil. Not to be missed: Adelia Prado’s poems “Opus Dei” and “The Dictator in Prison”; the excerpt from the new novel Jonas, by Patricia Melo; the interview with Bernardo Carvalho, in which he says “There is nothing further from posing than art. On the contrary, literature is the affirmation of truth.”

Glamour Magazine
January 2008 Issue


3 Condi Surprises (p. 29)

Condoleeza Rice wants to run for Governor of California, and may possibly run for Vice President in the future. I have no words.


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Racialicious Sports Roundup: MLB, Jayson Williams, Sean Taylor

by guest contributor Luke Lee

First things first. Of course, there is the expected bombshell unleashed in the MLB world from the Mitchell Report which implicated dozens of ballplayers for performance enhancing drug use. Notably, players such as Miguel Tejada, Andy Pettitte, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were named for violations ranging from steroids to human growth hormones. What’s interesting to read now are reactions to seeing Roger Clemens throw into the fold. We expect to see Bonds there (even now, there’s a separate article stemming from the report describing just how sneaky Bonds and conspirators must’ve been to never have been caught by the MLB) but to see in many ways the Brett Favre of the MLB put under suspcion leads some to say that “Baseball has its white Barry Bonds.”

Also in baseball news, there have been whispers about this for along time but it’s starting to catch wind on blogs and magazines. That is, the “Latinization” of the New York Mets by their GM Omar Minaya. It started with bringing in Pedro Martinez, then Carlos Beltran and then Carlos Delgado, throw in a historic late season meltdown and you have some very angry fans who I think are just starting to hold onto anything to blame. So what better to do then to stick to the old “you’re not playing enough of our boys!” (read: you need to play and sign more white players) approach? First i’ll state what I would hope to be the hugely obvious fact that when White GMs are signing, trading for, drafting, and building franchises around White ballplayers, nobody accuses them of racism. Well, actually, some Black ballplayers do but then they get ostracized by the media of being “angry” and just plain batshit Milton Bradley crazy. Jesus, look at the Oakland Athletics. They seriously have one of the Whitest teams in the entire MLB and yet Billy Beane gets praised for his shrewd trades and knowledge of the minor league farm systems. Secondly, almost every MLB franchise actively recruits in South America with farm system academies. They’re the ones going down there and putting dollars in for prospective talent while also maintaining the vast number of A, AA, AAA baseball teams in the states. So this whole “they’re taking our jobs!” suggestion is just getting tired.

And you thought you’d heard the last of Jayson Williams. Not “I will shoot all you Asian mother******* Jason Williams” but the guy who actually killed a guy Jayson Williams. Turns out that in the current retrial, a judge is reviewing evidence which includes the role of an investigating officer and the use of a racial slur by that officer. The Assistant Prosecutor was quick to point out that this was not the equivalent of, you know, Mark Fuhrman.

It’s been over two weeks since Sean Taylor’s death and a lot of articles, think pieces and rush-to-judgment columns have been written. At first, the media made it seem like the man deserved to die by talking incessantly about his troubled past. Then there was an interview with a friend of his that made it seem like he constantly lived in fear his whole life. A lot of folks I think are embarrassed and ashamed about how they and their news agencies handled this. Jim Trotter can explain it a lot better than I can.

If you took the time to read the Trotter piece, I think it’s worth reading the article also by SI about “ghetto loyalty.”

Vitamin Water commercial emasculates Asian men

by guest contributor Angry Asian Man, originally published at Angry Asian Man

Check out this commercial for Glaceau Vitamin Water, featuring David Ortiz and Brian Urlacher playing badminton against two Asian players named Yang and Lau. And guess what? The commercial makes the Asian guys—supposedly the best in the sport—look weak, inept, timid, cowering and “psychologically broken” by their two hulking non-Asian opponents. Ortiz hits the shuttlecock so hard it literally penetrates Lau’s leg. Yeah, subtle. It’s ridiculous and offensive, and it’s no coincidence. The Asian male takes another hit, ridiculed on television for the sake of selling a few more bottles of crappy ass vitamin water.

Remember Glaceau’s racist company phone greeting from a few months back? Follow the link and listen to it here. Again, jokes at the expense of Asians. What’s with the mockery? That’s strike two, Glaceau. That’s racist!

UPDATE: Here’s a story on Howard Bach and Bob Malaythong, two real U.S. badminton stars: Bach and Malaythong up against the odds. The two are training for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

UPDATE 2: Whoa. Donald informs me that Howard Bach and Bob Malaythong are the two Asians guys in the commercial! The #1 U.S. pairs team. So why the hell did they have to call them “Yang” and “Lau”? Is it because those names sound more traditionally “Asian” to the average American TV watcher?

Is the MLB neglecting African-American talent?

by Racialicious sports correspondent Luke Lee

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated features Cleveland Indians’ outfielder Grady Sizemore who is known for possibly being the best all-around young player in the game today and for his soon to be ownership of the Derek Jeter “most beautiful/popular man in baseball” crown (Seriously. The Indians sell “Mrs. Sizemore” t-shirts at the ballpark).

But anyways, to be honest I had no idea that he was multiracial Black and White like Mr. Jeter but it’s an interesting coincidence because as quiet and low-key as Sizemore is (the anti-Jeter, in that sense), one of his hopes is to “inspire other black athletes to play baseball.”

Unfortunately the article doesn’t dig deeper on that issue but it’s important nonetheless because it’s something that Black baseball players have been saying for years. Many even felt that the recent Jackie Robinson remembrance was a joke considering how little the MLB was doing today in terms of bringing baseball to Black communities in America while building academy after academy in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, to name a few.

But speaking of baseball academies in the DR, teams like the Indians and New York Mets have started to lead the charge in “social responsibility” (at least a little bit) in terms of providing potential recruits with a basic grade school education.

Don’t get your hopes up though, because the writer and even the New York and Cleveland brass are very honest in their intentions because this isn’t any sort of “look at the poor situation there, we’re just doing this without any ulterior motive!” kind of deal.

Rather, “It heightened our ability to understand and know the players we were evaluating, signing and developing…We wanted them to think analytically. Increasing aptitude is a competitive advantage.” admitted a Cleveland official.

Sports Roundup: Dice-K, Nascar, and Joakim Noah

by Luke Lee, Racialicious’s sports correspondent

“Dice-K” mania rolls on as the World Baseball Classic MVP wowed the MLB world with his dazzler of a win against the Royals. What’ll be interesting to watch is, as some sports-writers have noted already, that Japan might have a thing or two to teach America about training pitchers (as well as stereotypes).

Everyone’s heard about the Little Rock Nine. But has anyone heard about how when the school was forced to de-segregate, they “inadvertently broke up one of the country’s greatest football dynasties.”

We all know the stereotypes about NASCAR fans: White, low-income, and from the south. This is, of course, ridiculous because there are NASCAR fans of all kinds everywhere. And while the sport doesn’t get a fair shake when it comes to how it’s perceived by the world, it does have some responsibility in working to change that without the suggestion that the “non-white” crowd is suddenly interested in NASCAR.


Too late.

And yes, I know those are more Chevrolet than NASCAR, but when you’re using the most popular drivers in the commercials, come on.

Around this time last year we all heard about Joakim Noah as the Florida Gators clawed to the top of March Madness. This time it’s the same story except Joakim, as caught on YouTube, wants you to know something:

When Don Imus and other racist jerks appropriate African-American terminology

by guest contributor Meera Bowman-Johnson, originally published at Our Kind of Parenting

In the best of times, being black is absolutely beautiful (let the choir say “Amen!”). In the worst of times, it feels something like this:

Three men went to hell.

The devil said to them “You have come to hell, and you must now choose whether to spend eternity in room 1, 2 or 3”

He then opened the doors to the three rooms.

Room 1 was filled with men standing on their heads, on a hard wooden floor.

Room 2 was filled with men standing on the heads, on a cement floor.

Finally, room 3 had just a few men, standing in human feces up to their knees and drinking coffee.

The men thought for a while, and decided to go with room 3, as it was less crowded and they could drink coffee.

They entered the door to room 3 and just as it was closing behind them, the devil said “OK men, coffee break’s over. Back on your heads.”

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh. Because just when it looks like everything’s cool, that no public figure has acted out in a while and offended black people, some modern-day Jimmy the Greek has to come out of their face with a racist insult. For no good reason at all (not that there ever is one). By now, just about everybody in the black blogosphere has weighed in on Don Imus’ ignorant and offensive remarks about the Rutgers’ Women’s Baskeball Team. The comment that referred to the impressive athletes as “nappy headed hos” (for those who’ve been under the mommy – or daddy – rock for the couple of weeks).

I’ve read countless, incredibly astute reactions to the “shock jock’s” remarks, but thought one of the most pointed came from Deborah Dickerson’s The Last Plantation: “You never see the racism coming. You’re minding your own business, say, playing basketball or buying groceries or eating at Krispy Kreme when an Imus comes along and forces you to be ‘black’ so he can be ‘white’.” As a woman who deeply despises misogynistic language and has has proudly worn just about every natural style known to 125th Street, all I could think was, (to quote The Millionaire’s Wife from Gilligan’s Island): “Well (snif). I’ve never!”

Oh, wait a minute. Yes I have.

Like my friend Field Negro so eloquently alluded to, this Imus business is par for the course for those of us LWB (Living While Black). I don’t like it, I don’t condone it, but do I expect it? Sadly, yes. Because, just in case anybody is late coming to the party, there are a lot of ignorant people in the house. To narrow the group even further, there are a lot of ignorant racists dancing poorly, to their own rhythm. And to whittle it down even one degree further, there are a lot of ignorant racists throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care, ’cause they really don’t think they’re racists. I’m fairly certain Don Imus is one of those clueless types. The type that thinks that having a couple of black drinking buddies gives them free reign to say whatever and end up getting left at the bar (or in the studio) wondering “Hey…where did everybody go??”

I say this for one reason only: the term “hos” is one highly offensive thing, but how many white guys do you know actually even know the word “nappy”…until now? Hugh Grant thinks it means diaper. So does Paul McCartney. Of course they do, they’re English. But what about white American guys (the ones that aren’t married to black women)? Sure, terms like “diss” began popping up on sitcoms back in the early nineties and “bling” crossed quite seamlessly, thanks to people like Puffy (who I blame for many things). “Hos” I could see (rappers throw that one around all the time which is a seperate post altogether), but “nappy”? Where’d he get that one from, BET’s Comicview?

All I can assume is that, much like the old anti-drug commercial, where the hysterical dad confronts his adolescent son when he finds weed in his room (“I learned it from watching you, Dad!”), Don Imus learned the word “nappy” by watching black people (not that I, nor my fellow ethnicists are personally to blame for any of this nonsense). Whether it was through listening to hip hop, watching School Daze, or hanging out with Robin Quivers, somewhere along the way, Imus caught on to another N-word and assumed the word was fair game. Or maybe he caught somebody proudly sporting one of those old school “Happy to Be Nappy” t-shirts I picked up junior year of high school at The Greek Picnic. I don’t know. Continue reading

Friday Fun: the black coach anthem

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Jay Smooth’s latest video blog post (is that the right terminology?) on having two black coaches at the Superbowl had me cracking me up. I thought it would make a good Friday Fun item. Plus, I know that we’re always a little light on the sports side of pop culture (although I did recently anoint Luke as our official sports correspondent) so hopefully this balances things out a bit.

Just a quick shoutout to Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy, plus a little love for Herm Edwards. Got a little silly playing with the editor on this one.

Anti-Racist of the Week: Mutombo!

by guest contributor Philip Arthur Moore, originally published at TheThink

basketball mutombo racist fanThe start of the NBA season is just around the corner, which means more opportunities for me to find news that’s either related to (1) black people, (2) black people and their white friends, or (3) racist fans.

On Thursday night Houston Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo got into an altercation with a fan who allegedly yelled racist slurs at him, including the word “monkey”, during a preseason game against the Orlando Magic.

A video of the actual exchange wasn’t available on ESPN but we were able to see the actual fan who got kicked out of the building due to the slurs he yelled at Mutombo, who was born in the Congo.

On whether he would be fined for nearly going into the stands after the fan, Mutombo had these words:

I am not going to take that. He was insulting my race, my family, my integrity. For him to call me a monkey … that should not happen today.”


“If I get fined, I will go straight into the stands the next time.”

The saddest part about this entire thing is that the fan looked like a person of color. I could be wrong, but check the video out yourself.

My best friend, being the near perfect woman that she is, convinced me to join her in a salary cap fantasy basketball league this year. I’ve never done fantasy basketball (I’ve been too busy Crushing Ass in football), but it should give me good reason to watch NBA news more closely this year. I’m glad Mutombo stood up for himself. You’ve got to respect the man for that.

8 Words: Go Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacques Wamutombo!!!