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Race And Masculinity: Perils, Pride And Pushing The Boundaries Of Perception #FacingRace

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    Our #RaceMasculinity presenters today: Mod. Dominique Appollon, Bayete Ross Smith, Alan Jenkins, Salem Acuña #FacingRace
  2. Acuña works with Southerners On New Ground. Jenkins is the executive director of The Opportunity Agenda. Smith is a photographer and multimedia artist working with Question Bridge. And Appollon is the research director for the Applied Research Center’s California office
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    Salem: we should center our discussions around feminist disc. of patriarchy and gender domination #FacingRAce
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    Salem: I grew up with idea of “Man of the House” as something I had to navigate b/c of my sexual/gender identity #FacingRace
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    Salem: Struggle to be “man of the house” led to me not being there for my brother. I was “angsty.” #FacingRace
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    Salem: I’d like to see masculinity transform into something positive that doesn’t divide queer/straight MOC #FacingRace
  7. From SONG’S website: ” we believe that while the South is a physical geography of white supremacy and poverty and how they form plantations, mountaintop removal, and slave labor, it is also more than that. It is a place of redemption and hope for many: a place where folk reconcile with past in an honest and painful way; a place where people can stay in lands riddled with pain and remember old traditions; and birth new ways.”
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    Salem: Race/Masc./Gender are not these narrow things. There’s a spectrum – “I call it a galaxy.” #FacingRace
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    Salem: Idea that POC masc. have to be “tough or rough” is harmful to both queer and straight MOC #FacingRace
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    Salem: those stereotypes stay there because we don’t do the work to transform them. #facingrace
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    Jenkins: my (black) brother, teaching english in china, wrote telling me people were afraid of him. #FacingRace
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    Jenkins: impressions of race in China guided by access to media depictions of it by American outlets. #FacingRace
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    Jenkins: my interest is looking at full universe of race, gender & sexual identity #FacingRace
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    Jenkins: Americans are still carrying around a ton of stereotypes/bias when it comes to race & gender roles. #FacingRace
  15. The Opportunity Agenda has commissioned three studiesaddressing media representations of black men, saying:” Research shows that distorted media representations can impact perceptions and attitudes toward African-American males and affect many aspects of their lives, from receiving harsher sentencing by judges to having a lower likelihood than whites of being hired for a job and admitted to school. But distorted media depictions can also affect African-American males’ self-perceptions and lead to diminished self-esteem and lower performance in cognitive contexts, among other detrimental effects. In the end, black men are their own harshest critics.”

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    Jenkins plays unedited version of an interview where a black child says he wants a gun because he wants to be an officer #FacingRace
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    The broadcast version stops clip after child says “I’m gonna get me a gun.” No mention of him wanting to be a cop. #FacingRace
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    Smith: News & journalism is constructed for the sake of building certain stories #FacingRace
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    Smith works for Question Bridge, a multimedia project/curriculum to engage with students #FacingRace
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    Question Bridge films blk men asking and answering questions of each other #FacingRace
  21. Take a look at the project here.
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    Smith: Q.B. provides insight into a convo you usually wouldn’t see, even as a black male #FacingRace
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    our #RaceMasculinity persenters now leading breakout sessions. Will work to share their stories on @Racialicious moving forward #FacingRace