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May 16, 2013 / / Entertainment
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So Scandal last week. Like… OMG, right? So much to say, so much to spoil in this introduction if you haven’t watched last week. I ask, however: why haven’t you? Go, now. I’ll wait.

If you’re back, (or if you’ve never left,) join Kendra James, Jordan St. John, Zach Stafford, Loree Lamour, Johnathan Fields and I as we talk about last weeks game changing episode and our expectations for tonight’s finale.

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May 9, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joseph Lamour 

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If you read Kendra’s recap last week, everyone in Scandal is slowly becoming less horrible-but-redeeming and more “horrible, just horrible.” Jordan St. John and Loree Lamour join me for to wade through the bad behavior.

As usual, spoiler alert for Scandal!

But also: for Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, and 1993 romance movie Untamed Heart. We’re an odd bunch when it comes to references here at the R.

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April 4, 2013 / / Entertainment
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To start, I’m going to veer ever so slightly off the usual topic to suggest some Scandal-related viewing pleasure. Oprah’s Next Chapter did a whole special on Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, and Judy Smith called “The Real Olivia Pope.”  Although it premiered in November last year (bad TV Editor), it holds some great tidbits. Not to mention all the rah-rahs I cheered at this quartet’s fabulosity. I never realized how very true to life it is that someone like Olivia and only Olivia, handles everyone’s public problems. Fun fact: Fitz is  based on George Bush, Sr. Partially…obviously.

This week, Johnathan Fields, Jordan St. John, and Kendra James discuss episode 2.17, “Snake in the Garden” Spoilers ahead!


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April 4, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joseph Lamour and Kendra James

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Kendra: I think, had I been able to do a recap this week, it would have been less snarky than usual. This hiatus return (is three weeks a hiatus?) didn’t feel crammed with shocking! plot! twists! and, because of that, I think it was one of the better episodes this year. It wasn’t slow, but I felt like the story was… measured? Almost as if, by restraining themselves in the writer’s room, they were able to hit fewer sharp and flat notes and the episode benefited from that overall. I was even marginally accepting of Quinn’s presence! Anyhoo, It gives us a lot to talk about this week, from Fitz’s long-suffering secretary, to the morality of cheating, Olivia’s collection of structured white jackets, and everything in between.

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February 28, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joseph Lamour
(Spoiler Alert in the introduction if you haven’t seen episode 2.15.)

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Kendra hit the nail on the head last week when she said:

“…Fitz is behind the Jigsaw-creepy camera setup Jake has in his apartment, once again marking Fitz as The Worst. Just. The. Worst. Ignore what your Thursday night Facebook feed tells you; none of this is romantic, and it’s worrying to see it interpreted that way by fans of the show. Olivia and Fitz are undoubtedly the show’s main couple–maybe even the Endgame Couple–but, until Fitz shows some major growth as a decent human being, we shouldn’t be rooting for it. Especially now that it’s moved from sexually abusive to outright stalking and privacy invasion. Unfortunately, the writers haven’t given viewers a viable, interesting alternative, so for those who are here for the romantic drama Olivia and Fitz’s “relationship” is the only place to turn.”

I know it’s this type of drama that drives soapy procedurals like this, but it’s so unusual to see this type of thing with a person of color in the lead, so it leads to all sorts of emotional confusion–for me at least. Let’s see if T.F. Charlton, Jordan St. John, and Loree Lamour agree.
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February 14, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joe Lamour and Kendra James

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Last week in Kendra’s recap, she basically summed up the actions of the last episode (that we all care about) in these two sentences:

Olivia and Edison are over, but Fitz and Mellie are stronger than we’ve ever seen them. Oh, and next week we jump ten months into the future because they were running out of election flashbacks to use.

Tonight’s episode, with that jump, has Ms. Pope moving on (obviously…of course…not really) with a handsome stranger (safe for work preview is here.) But before all that happens, read what we think of the last episode where we discuss the love square from Planet Frustration and more.

Loree Lamour, Johnathan Fields, Jordan St. John, T.F. Charlton, and Zach Stafford join Kendra and me for this week’s Scandal discussion. Spoilers under the cut.

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February 7, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joseph Lamour

Instead of an intro I think we should look at a preview for the next episode because, I mean, Good Lord.

Fitz, calm down.

Let’s get to talking about the events (first discussed in last week’s recap) that led up to Fitz hating his First Lady so much even though he cheated on her. T.F., I’m definitely sailing slowly towards Team Mellie. I mean, all that’s keeping me on Team Olitz at this point are…you know…abs.

Loree Lamour, Johnathan Fields, Jordan St. John, T.F. Charlton, and Zach Stafford join me to dissect the issues.

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January 24, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joe Lamour and Kendra James


Well, what a difference a day (or a few hours) makes. I really want to jump right into this weeks discussion with my fabulous Scandal roundtablers, but here’s the short of it: as we saw last week, Edison in one day implied that Olivia was, as the title of the episode indicated, a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar, and then backpedaled so far into “I love you!” within an hour that he should really contact The Guinness Book of World Records.

Kendra James, Jordan St. John, T.F Charlton, Johnathan Fields, Zach Stafford and Loree Lamour join me to dissect what in the world is going on.

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