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Racialicious & Racebending Are Teaming Up At San Diego Comic-Con!

By Arturo R. García

This year, Racialicious won’t just be covering San Diego Comic-Con, we’ll be part of the action. I’m proud to announce that The R is partnering with Racebending to present a panel of our own:

Diversity & Fandom 102: How You Can Make A Difference
In the wake of campaigns like Racebending.com’s protests and the rise of safe spaces like Racialicious.com, fans, consumers and creators from underrepresented groups have more outlets for speaking up. This panel explores how can we take those voices and add them to the conversations we need to have with geeky business interests and our own fan communities!
Where: Room 24ABC
When: Sunday, July 24, 10 – 11 a.m.

Our moderator will be Racebending’s Mike Le, who I interviewed at last year’s event:

Also, I’m honored to say I’ll be sitting on the panel along some pretty impressive company from around the media spectrum. The full line-up, and how you can participate, is under the cut.
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SDCC Notebook: Creators’ Spotlight

By Arturo R. García

“Don’t tell friends about your comic – make it,” said comic-book and television writer Dwayne McDuffie at Keith Knight’s “Nappy Hour” panel. And this year, there were more POC creators doing just that, and not just on the page. Here’s a look at three of them, plus the webseries Chick.

Chick (Kai Soremekun, who also wrote and directed the series) follows Lisa, a woman who’s convinced she’s a superhero in the making, as she searches for both her powers and a “Secret Academy” in Los Angeles. The 20-episode first season also includes an alternate reality game, where viewers can help Lisa decipher some cryptic messages. The first episode (NSFW: brief sexual situations) is below.

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SDCC Notebook: The M. Night Aftermath

By Arturo R. García

One of the “highlights” I missed during San Diego Comic-Con last week was the reception M. Night Shyamalan got during a showing of the trailerfor his next film:

The trailer was playing, the audience was into it, until … the screen read “From M. Night Shyamalan.” A huge collective GROAN exhaled from the crowd. Even worse, when the trailer finished, “boos” were thrown at the screen.”

It turns out the mockery for Shyamalan and Devil, on which he served as a producer, wasn’t confined to the West Coast, according to The New York Post: Shyamalan was booed, and “everyone erupted in laughter,” according to someone in the audience.

Of course, M. Night got himself into this position thanks to his film adaptation of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, which we’ve covered, both with our own stories and by sharing stories from Racebending. I got the chance to talk to Racebending’s Michael Le about his group’s protest of the Airbender film, where the site goes from here, and whether the film’s epic critical flop has rendered the series unsalvageable.

The Racialicious Comic-Con Preview

By Arturo R. García

For the purposes of our site, the big difference between this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and last year’s edition is this: only one panel out of the hundreds being offered will deal specifically with racial issues.

That one panel, by the way, will be Reginald Hudlin’s annual “Black Panel,” scheduled for bright and early Saturday morning. TBP has developed a reputation for being, shall we say, free-wheeling. But the blurb for this year promises, “The focus will be on empowerment, education, real-world networking, and finally but never last, fun.”

And that’s it. Quite the disturbing trend, considering that last year’s con saw two diversity-related panels, featuring the likes of Secret Identities‘ Jeff Yang, Milestone Universe creator Dwayne McDuffie, Star Trek‘s Faran Tahir, among others. There’s also no spotlight for NBC’s new POC spy drama Undercovers. But as you’ll see below, this looks to be a banner year for the LGBT community at the Con.

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Race + Comics Notes: Blue Beetle, Aqualad & SDCC documentary hopefuls

By Special Correspondent Arturo R. García

As if to make up for Ian Sattler’s unfortunate comments last week, DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns unveiled screen shots from a special-effects test for a possible Blue Beetle live-action series.

The images, posted by Johns at the DC Comics blog, show Jaime Reyes’ transformation into his blue suit of armor, powered by the extraterrestrial scarab on his back.  Johns was quick to point out that this was only a test, without mentioning when it took place. Obviously it couldn’t have happened in the direct wake of Ian Sattler’s unfortunate statements, but the timing’s still a little … interesting.

In any case, Johns did say that the Beetle would be featured in most episodes of the Batman: The Brave And The Bold animated series this coming season, and promised to show the screen test at San Diego Comic-Con, and that’s encouraging. Which is more than I can say for some of the responses on Newsarama:

just because a property is interesting, doesn’t mean it needs a tv show. Bottom line is it could barely support itself as a comic for three years, and though he’s in Brave & Bold … this is the kind of thing that will kill the comic interest in surrounding genres. Halle Barry as Catwoman, Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider, anything about X3 … just because there is an idea and someone is willing to do it, doesn’t mean it should be done.

I think a live-action Ted Kord – Blue Beetle series stands a better chance of catching on. Continue reading