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As Alan Ball said in the bonus material, the penultimate episode is when the audience is supposed to put their tray tables up and prepare for landing. Trouble is, with all these random plot arcs running around, we have no idea where we will end up. Joe, Carly, and Tami join me to discuss the set up for the bloodbath season finale.

Lilith Plays Mind Games
Latoya: So Lilith appeared to Bill as the savior. Why are these people so quick to trust their drug-induced hallucinations?
Joe: Because with religion, anything and everything is possible. The problem is, for a lot of folks, they take that fact and they run with it. Cue Bill.
Carly: I like that they have tied in this large part of religious history–people using drugs to become closer to God and often going way off the deep end. Doesn’t hurt that it makes for interesting visuals.
Joe: It makes you wonder why he’s so religious now, all of a sudden. He was a Christian in his human life, and I remember the episode where he goes to Gran’s church, but then there was no mention or hint of it, unless I’m forgetting something. Not even a “this might be why he’s gone all Jim Jones” flashback. Maybe it’s the power that comes with this particular religion? That, and the only rule seems to be to eat people.

Speaking Of Bill…
Latoya: Bill’s speeches are like religious demagoguery 101. He even pulled the super villain “take her somewhere else to accomplish this dastardly deed instead of bringing him to our amazingly safe fortress because clearly Jessica is acting suspicious but would never try to escape.”
Tami: Bill is really being a dick. I really need there to be some consequences for characters’ actions this season. Bill has done some heinous stuff. I hope they show the fall-out from that next season. For instance, showing the fractures in his relationship with Jessica. They cannot have him go back to being noble Bill Compton after this. (Ditto for murderous Terry Bellefleur.)
Carly: As much as I would love for all the people on this show to be held accountable for their actions, I will be shocked if that happens. Not that TV characters can hold onto their ‘history’ for very long, but how quick did they all forget about the panthers and Jason’s endless rape?
Joe: Especially since that happened like four days ago in their world. Read the Post Tune In Next Week, He Says: The Racialicious Roundtable For True Blood 5.11


Finally! Some action. Two more episodes and the plot is starting to rise from the grave. Joe, Tami, Alea, and Carly join in our latest episode of “Decipher That Plot Point!”

That Newscast

Joe: I really hope they didn’t just use Japan earthquake coverage for that news segment.
Tami: Okay, True Blood, this storytelling is simply sloppy. First, according to the show’s canon, vampires existed for thousands of years under the radar without calling attention to their feeding on humans. But after two years with Tru Blood, vamps are unable to keep it together, despite the fact that there are plenty of “fangbangers” willing to donate blood willingly and despite possessing the ability to glamour the memory of a feeding out of any human. And doesn’t all this public slaughter undermine the public relations line Rev. Newlin is selling? I’m just sayin’…
Alea: I see what you mean, but I’m wondering if the 50% increase in vampire attacks stems not just from vampires being hungry, but also from mass hysteria [and/or previously underground factions of Sanguinistas just going buck wild]. If panic is indeed driving the lack of prudence on the part of vampires, then perhaps it’s supposed to be reminiscent of the increase of gun sales after Obama’s election?

Sookie’s Armed And Dangerous

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Alea: This scene is seriously like a nightmare come true. Imagine if every creepy jerk in town suddenly gained the power to eat you. [Shudder.]
Tami: Also, regarding the cold open, wouldn’t it have been easier for Sookie to just rescind Coroner Mike’s invitation rather than impaling him on a chopstick? I can barely pick up a spicy tuna roll with chopsticks and Sookie is strong and dexterous enough to pierce flesh and bone with hers. I guess it’s the fae blood.
Joe: I’m assuming wood goes in a vampire like a hot knife through butter. Just grossed myself out.
Carly: Also all the chopsticks I get would’ve broken in my own freakin’ hand before making its way through clothing and flesh. That’s some high-quality product! Read the Post Sookie, Get Your…Chopsticks?: The Racialicious Roundtable For True Blood 5.10

This week, I asked Arturo what it was like recapping Heroes near the end. He said in the beginning, all of his friends would head to the bar after the show because they were eager to discuss what had happened. When things spun into a decline, they stopped going to the bar afterward. Considering that I had to browbeat the Roundtable into putting in comments for this week, I think adding a bar to the mix might improve everyone’s mood. This week, Joe, Carly, Alea, and Tami try to hold on for the last few eps.

Will Russell Edgington Please Report For Duty?
Latoya: Please tell me Russell is up to an EPIC betrayal. Because I am about to start changing the damn channel or painting my toes or something.
Carly: He has to be. There is just nothing about him that equals “follower.” And I may be wrong, but isn’t he the only one comparable to Salome age-wise?
Alea: I believe so. I’m still utterly baffled by why she thought freeing Russell was a good idea, but the look she gave him and Steve after the latter’s attempt to say grace makes me think that she’s beginning to see the ideological chasm between them. Love the pantsuit, though.

Gratuitous Aside, #1

Alea: Tina Majorino. Siiigh. Such a freaking dreamboat.
Joe: I hope, after this is all over, she isn’t a pile of goo and somehow becomes the leader of the authority. I could really get behind a technorati vamp president.

Lala The Fly Medium
Latoya: Wow, an actual normal conversation between Sookie and Lafayette. Like actual people.
Alea: But she only asked him over there because she needed help.
Carly: Thank you, Ghost reference!
Joe: His mirror vogueing was the highlight of my Sunday.

Alea: It was blue steel times magnum to the infinity plus one power, and those eyelashes are fierce. Werrrrk. Read the Post This World Is Not Enough: The Racialicious Roundtable For True Blood 5.9

The Roundtable is really not feeling this one. Sookie continues her existential crisis, we’re worried about Luna, Tara’s situation gets even more racially icky, and we don’t even know who Bill is anymore. Tami, Alea, and Kendra chose to sit this episode out, leading Joe and I to invite a new tabler – longtime reader (and friend of Joe’s) Carly – into the mix just to keep up the flow of conversation.

Oh Sookie

Carly: First off I want to thank everyone for letting me drop in and share my thoughts. I love reading the panel’s postings so I’m excited to have this chance to be part of it.
Joe: We welcome you with open virtual arms, my dear! Now on to the dissection…
Latoya: Something that’s been bothering me since last week – why doesn’t Sookie ask more questions when people tell her things? He didn’t say “Hey, your life is gonna be nice, normal and human.” Dude said “You’ll be fae no more.” And as we all know, you gotta read between the lines with these kinds of things.
Joe: I agree. “You’ll be fae no more” could in fact mean, you’ll disappear into nothingness, or you’ll turn into a tree, or something weird and mythical like that.

Luna? Is That You?

Latoya: I really hope they give Luna something to say besides repurposing Magneto speeches. And didn’t you have to kill someone to shift into them? Maybe I am misremembering.
Carly: I can’t remember the rule for shifting into other people either… Did Tommy also shift against his will? The way they’re playing this out with Luna makes it seem like a sickness. I wish she had shifted into Marcus. Now that would’ve been pretty shocking.
Joe: I think the rule was that you could turn into anyone you’ve met, but if you kept doing it, you would die a horrible and painful death. I wonder what the point was of Luna turning into Sam. Was it that she was mad as hell and wasn’t gonna take it anymore? I don’t remember why exactly someone would make a change like that against her will, unless maybe she was mad and thinking about Sam too much at the same time.
Latoya: Boyfriend’s guess was that she’s up the stick. The vomiting then makes sense, but the weird rippling pains don’t. And if she shifted into Sam because she’s pregnant, then wouldn’t that have also happened with Marcus? (And I just realized I am trying to grok the logistics of supernatural pregnancy. I think I’m gonna go read a book…)

[Note: NSFW GIFS of Alcide shortly after this point.] Read the Post Some Series That We Used to Know: The Racialicious Roundtable for True Blood 5.8

The summer heat is closing in, and this season drags on. Each week, we lose more roundtable members. For episode 5.7, “In the Beginning,” only Joe, Tami, and Alea are with me to share their thoughts on an increasingly dull season.

Sookie’s Fae Powers
Joe: Half fae? That’s a marked increase from the books of about 30%.
Alea: There has to be something else that makes her special. Just being half-fae doesn’t seem to be enough.
Latoya: Be interesting if the vamp who killed her parents was Bill. Or maybe Eric.
Joe: It will be. That’s the only reason they aren’t showing the face. She’ll find out as her and Eric have sex up the stairs again, cue crying, woe-is-me stances, and the like.

The Hate Group, Revealed

Joe: “Lamestream media?” I’ll take “Go-to GOP Satiric Phrases” for 100, Alex.
Alea: This whole scene feels like such a cheap shot at rural Southern folk, a group the writers seem to think of as “real racists.”
Joe: This hate group seems like a bunch of whiny idiots. And they don’t even know why a hate group is called a hate group. I really hope they aren’t going to attack Jessica.
Latoya: Let’s discuss this hate group a bit more. Because WTF. What did they do, watch a couple old eps of Jerry Springer and pull together a plot arc around it?
Joe: Yes, lets. I love how they stuck in a token black guy (I see you, Damien from Harry’s Law) so that the hate group doesn’t read “racist” but “supernaturalist”. P.S. I’m totally claiming the supernaturalist.tumblr.com.
Alea: Token black guy, token hapa-looking guy. We finally get to see two types of PoC in a room together and they’re exercising their agency by being in a hate group [that’s all about love]. Clayton Bigsby they are not. Can the title of this roundtable be “O Hai, Shark! I’m Jumping You: Alan Ball Has Lost His GD Mind”? Read the Post Close To The End: The Racialicious Roundtable For True Blood 5.7

Last week, we got to meet the folks behind the show. But unfortunately, this episode was kind of…meh. Joe, Tami, Kendra, and I pull threads from an increasingly tattered plot.

Tara and Pam Come To Terms
Latoya: “Yes’m Missy Pam?” Oh lord, Tara.
Joe: She’s acknowledging the slurs for what they are…that’s at least a step in the right direction.
Kendra: Did Pam just call her a dog though?
Tami: I am not comfortable with this vampire version of Gone With The Wind. More than offensive, it’s inconsistent. I know Pam was put out about having a “child” to take care of, but what about the whole “no human can ever hurt you know” and gazing at Tara in her coffin stuff? Is Pam Tara’s mom or master?
Joe: I think the writers [are] trying to emphasize that she’s waffling with responsibility and her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, and the less responsible side of herself has the wheel most of the time, hurling vitriol. Notice I said “trying.”

The Ifrit: Revealed
Kendra: And here’s the part of the episode where I paused to find out exactly what an Ifrit is (being not at all well versed in Arabic or Islamic mythology). Wiki tells me that they’re essentially fire jinns. It’s great that they want to branch out in their sources of horror, but because it’s taking time away from Bon Temps (and is also taking place like 1000 miles away) I can’t get behind it the way I’d like to.
Joe: I also don’t like how it seems somehow Patrick is going to get all (emphasis on all) the blame for “the incident” and the fire monster will sear him till he’s well done, but Terry is going to get out of shooting some innocent Middle Eastern woman in the face. Read the Post Hopeless, Like a Penny With A Hole In It: The Racialicious Roundtable For True Blood 5.6

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This season finally takes a turn for the interesting, with better characterization, the return of Russell Edgington, Sookie continuing her newfound journey into an actual heroine, and Tara now vamping with the best. Tami, Joe, and Alea join me to discuss.

Tami: So, do we think episode writer, Angela Robinson, helped get the stink of privilege out of this season of True Blood? According Television Without Pity recapper, Jacob Clifton, she’s a lesbian, black writer, which he believes helps things.

Joe: I can see that. In watching this episode… I don’t know I just noticed I enjoyed it more than the last ones? It was hard to pinpoint why; I don’t think I can tell when other black gay people are involved in things (that would be a great power, lol) but I think it has more to do with the quality of the writing. I hope she writes more episodes.

Latoya: Maybe it was the sign of someone finally taking this season seriously. Those scenes shot against the Authoritarian speech were damn near poetic. And this was the first episode in the season that prompted me to rewind multiple times to rewatch scenes. Clearly Angela Robinson and Michael Lehmann have a chemistry that needs to continue. Beautifully executed. But let’s actually watch the show… Read the Post Boot And Rally, Indeed: The Racialicious Roundtable For True Blood 5.5