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May 6, 2015 / / Entertainment

Much like one of its action set-pieces, the discussion around the latest Avengers film has blown up in multiple directions: In the week since its US release, the discussion surrounding Age of Ultron has veered from its massive box-office haul to cast members slut-shaming Black Widow off-screen to Black Widow’s portrayal on it to, finally, writer/director Joss Whedon leaving Twitter because of comments that have been attributed to overzealous “feminists.” (SPOILERS: No, it wasn’t because of that.)

Thinkpieces abound on each of these topics, no doubt, and our own trio of Kendra, Tope and Arturo will touch on some of these issues, while also looking at how the movie’s few — and seemingly far-between — POC fared in Marvel’s latest mega-ensemble story.

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October 2, 2014 / / Television


Sometimes Art, Latoya, and I have to admit defeat when it comes to singlehandedly watching every show on network television and basic cable. When that happens and some shows fall through the cracks we’re extremely thankful to be able to depend on a wide pool of fabulous readers to jump in and take the bullet for us. That said, we’re pleased to welcome Diana, Jacqueline, Lizzy, Nassim, and Corrine and the debut of the Racialicious How To Get Away With Murder roundtable.

The three of us might jump in from time to time, but for now, take it away ladies!

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May 9, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joseph Lamour 

Image via ABC.com.

If you read Kendra’s recap last week, everyone in Scandal is slowly becoming less horrible-but-redeeming and more “horrible, just horrible.” Jordan St. John and Loree Lamour join me for to wade through the bad behavior.

As usual, spoiler alert for Scandal!

But also: for Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, and 1993 romance movie Untamed Heart. We’re an odd bunch when it comes to references here at the R.

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February 15, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour

Image via AMC.

Like I said in my recap Monday, the mid-season finale’s rescue mission caused some survivor shuffling in “The Suicide King.” Daryl and Merle are together again–and apart from everyone else; Michonne, Tyreese and his group, and the Originals all attempt to get along in this new survivor setup (Spoiler alert: they fail miserably); And Glenn and Maggie begin what seems to be their slow drift apart.

The breakdown: Each week, a Walking Dead roundtabler or I will provide a recap the day after the newest episode airs. The next Friday morning a roundtable discussion of the episode is posted featuring Joe, and a variety of guest commenters.

Jeannie Chan, Carly Mitchell, and Jenn Kim join me to talk about the previous episode before the next one this Sunday.
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February 14, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joe Lamour and Kendra James

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Image via ABC.com.

Last week in Kendra’s recap, she basically summed up the actions of the last episode (that we all care about) in these two sentences:

Olivia and Edison are over, but Fitz and Mellie are stronger than we’ve ever seen them. Oh, and next week we jump ten months into the future because they were running out of election flashbacks to use.

Tonight’s episode, with that jump, has Ms. Pope moving on (obviously…of course…not really) with a handsome stranger (safe for work preview is here.) But before all that happens, read what we think of the last episode where we discuss the love square from Planet Frustration and more.

Loree Lamour, Johnathan Fields, Jordan St. John, T.F. Charlton, and Zach Stafford join Kendra and me for this week’s Scandal discussion. Spoilers under the cut.

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January 24, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joe Lamour and Kendra James


Well, what a difference a day (or a few hours) makes. I really want to jump right into this weeks discussion with my fabulous Scandal roundtablers, but here’s the short of it: as we saw last week, Edison in one day implied that Olivia was, as the title of the episode indicated, a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar, and then backpedaled so far into “I love you!” within an hour that he should really contact The Guinness Book of World Records.

Kendra James, Jordan St. John, T.F Charlton, Johnathan Fields, Zach Stafford and Loree Lamour join me to dissect what in the world is going on.

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November 26, 2012 / / Racialicious Roundtables

Hosted By Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour

Last week, Michonne showed her selflessness when she took baby formula to a group of people she never met who, in this world, could just deign to kill her on sight. Rick’s camp doesn’t know that she’s Andrea’s friend, which would have been helpful in getting that trust from Rick’s group right in the beginning. That, added with the fact that she cared for a sick Andrea for four months, only reinforces how good a person she truly is.

I’ve been looking very forward to the Michonne/Good Guys meeting, especially since Andrea peaced out for plumbing and Zombie Mortal Kombat nights with the kids. I’ve been less excited so for the Glenn and Maggie/Bad Guys meeting, which proved to be rather tense. This week, it’s date night! Just me and my best mate Carly Mitchell take a look at what happens when these two camps finally start to mesh.

* Ahem… Lady Mary Crawley Has Something To Say…”

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November 5, 2012 / / black

Hosted By Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joe Lamour

The best and the worst thing about the zombie genre is that anyone can become a casualty at a moments notice. This doesn’t particularly matter to me (usually) because I feel zombie movie characters are secondary to the carnage packed into an hour and a half flick.

With a show like The Walking Dead, however, character building is as important as the carnage. We grow to love (or hate) characters over seasons full of episodes. This makes for great drama, and a more real feeling of sadness when a death occurs. At least, that’s what should happen…

Carly Neely, Kiki Smith, Kenneth Hwynn, Jeannie Chan, Jenn Kim and I mull over this week’s plusses and its many, many minuses.

* Help to keep the comment area a no spoiler zone.

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