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White South African Claims Racial Persecution

by Latoya Peterson

The Associated Press originally broke the news that a white South African, Brandon Carl Huntley, claimed he was being persecuted for the color of his skin. He appealed to Canada and was granted refugee status. The report notes:

Huntley argued that whites are targeted by black criminals in South Africa and that the government does nothing to protect them. He claimed he was attacked seven times during attempted robberies and muggings.

However, South African officials doubt Huntley’s story. The Australian reports:

He claimed to have been called a “white dog”, and maintained he could not get a job because of Pretoria’s affirmative action policies. But Mr Huntley admitted yesterday he had not reported the attacks to the police. “I refuse to talk to the government,” he told The Star newspaper in Johannesburg.

(Thanks to Marjannaa A and DDSuber for the tip!)