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Gladiators. Via ABC.com

Phantom sex tapes are the spectre of choice hanging over ABC dramas this finale season. Well, to be fair, I only watch three ABC hourlongs, but two out of those three are threatening their heroines with sex tapes as we head into their finales next week. The only difference is that one doing it with less disco background music and more Connie Britton.

Choose your poison, I guess? It’s time for Scandal.

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by Joseph Lamour

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Scandal is back! Again… again… again. This show sure has a lot of breaks. A thinly veiled attempt to leave us wanting more. It definitely works though, doesn’t it?  And there are only three more episodes left the season. Tragic. I may have to start going outside again.

If you recall our recap a few weeks ago, we last saw Olivia being swaddled by Fitz in her hospital room as her new beau Captain Jake Ballard waited outside. This week’s episode doesn’t really move the story forward, but it provided a much desired backstory for hacker-sassin Huck. This type of episode usually frustrates me as the only thing that happened, really, was that someone got up off the floor. But, like I said, a good backstory is a good backstory. And Huck provides a meaty one.

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April 5, 2013 / / Entertainment

by Joseph Lamour

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The most frustrating thing about an episode of Scandal for a writer like me is that so much happens in one hour that I struggle not to make a recap a word-for-word script. With that being said, here goes nothing!

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April 1, 2013 / / Entertainment

by Joseph Lamour

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So, everyone… like… I’m annoyed.

Here are the reasons I am annoyed, because I cannot bear to recap this season finale in my typical way, since nothing happened, and everything happened (that I did not want to happen.) As a fan of The Governor arc… I am sad. And annoyed. Don’t forget annoyed.

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March 29, 2013 / / Television

By Kendra James

Via. Broadwayworld.com
Via. Broadwayworld.com

Fatherhood was the theme of the night on this week’s episode. Fitz is horrible at it; Hollis wouldn’t know his own daughter’s ear from a clay prop; Quinn’s dad is having a birthday; Cyrus is most definitely not being cheated on by the co-father of his child, no matter how poorly he’s phrasing it. It’s just another week on Scandal.

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