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Guy Aoki anoints Adam Carolla as an honorary Asian?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Adam carolla guy aokiHuh interesting… Guy Aoki, co-founder and president of the media watchdog group Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) practically anointed Adam Carolla as an honorary Asian when he appeared on his show on Thursday to discuss the Rosie O’Donnell ching chong incident.

From Angry Asian Man:

Guy Aoki was the Adam Carolla Show yesterday to talk about the incident. Yeah, you read that right—Guy Aoki and Adam Carolla. They’re like buddies now. Carolla considers himself “in” with Asians, having gone through fire, and somehow now a better man. Yeah, some of us aren’t so forgiving. Listen to the show segment here. Please. Did Guy Aoki give Carolla a Yellow Pass or something? Because it’s obvious to me that Carolla, who’s smug and patronizing throughout this clip (granted, he’s always like that), still doesn’t get it or give a damn. He’s just going through the motions and still doing penance for his own “ching chong” bit gone wrong. Please, stop.

Click the play button below to listen to the interview yourself or click here to download the MP3:

As activists, it’s important for us to keep good relationships with media people. But I think that can be done without quite so much sycophancy, especially when the person you’re fawning over himself used the ching chong routine just 8 months ago to mock the Asian Excellence Awards.

Is 8 months the statute of limitations on being offended by racial mockery? I guess I didn’t get the memo.

I have a lot of respect for the work Guy Aoki has done over the years in speaking out harmful media depictions of Asian-Americans. But I’d like to see him take a harder line against people like Carolla from now on.