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December 2, 2010 / / activism

by Latoya Peterson

I’ve been buried in work for the Public Media Corps – the program ends December 17th, so there is a lot of work to accomplish between now and then.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to provide as many updates as I would have liked to on the program, so I am planning a series after I finish to talk about the things I learned over the last six months.

However, I did want to share one quick thing.

Back in September, I helped my co-fellows Brittany and Danielle with their social media club mixer at Anacostia High School.  The mixer was one of my favorite parts of the program since it allowed me to do what I like best – to engage with people.  The kids who came to the mixer were funny and high spirited, just as interested in tech as they were in pizza and trash talking.  I met Tony, a sweet kid who decided he was ready to be the next Jazze Pha and used my help to create his own beat using GarageBand, which he then attempted to convert into a ringtone for his cellphone.  One kid, named Robert, wanted to start a blog but did not have an email address.  So we worked through that process.  A girl named Tiny said she wanted to be a teacher, but later decided she wanted to start a blog to showcase her poetry.

And then, there was Mardez. Read the Post The Power of a Story

July 23, 2010 / / community

by Latoya Peterson

I’m typing this post from a church basement, while about twelve children sing along to the songs in Super Why, a PBS program designed to help with reading skills.

The last time I talked about PMC, I was liveblogging and tweeting parts of the boot camp. Now, it’s been about a month, so I can explain a bit more about what I’m actually doing.

After the skills/strategy building boot camp, we started in on our site assignments. I’m placed at Howard University Television (WHUT) and so far we’ve learned about upcoming projects, some of their educational outreach and how programming works at the station. We’ve also learned a bit about the challenges in public media. We noticed that a lot of public spaces (like libraries, radio, television, and museums) do not work together as often as they could. And we are working to understand what a model for a new public media could look like.

In addition to that, we’re struggling with an ambitious project – community mapping and strategies for engagement. As we are starting to map the resources for each community (and will probably end up on the streets, canvassing to find out demographic information, access to technology, and digital literacy data) the struggle looms large. Can we make a valuable impact in just six short months? Read the Post What Is Community Media? [PMC Update]

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