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The Grammys Have An Awkward Brush With Social Justice

By Arturo R. García

In the midst of a show that was downright turgid at times, there were glimpses of social relevance during Sunday night’s Grammys. You had Sam Smith openly thank an old boyfriend on national television while celebrating winning four awards. And the award’s outright hypocrisy in honoring abusive cis-males was only exposed further with remarks on domestic violence from President Barack Obama and activist Brooke Axtell:

After a year of passionate romance with a handsome, charismatic man, I was stunned when he began to abuse me. I believed he was lashing out because he was in pain, and needed help. I believed my compassion could restore him and our relationship. My empathy was used against me. I was terrified of him and ashamed I was in this position. What bound me to him was my desire to heal him. My compassion was incomplete because it did not include me. When he threatened to kill me, I knew I had to escape. I revealed the truth to my mom and she encouraged me to seek help at a local domestic violence shelter. This conversation saved my life.

And then, of course, you had Prince. With one simple remark — “like books and Black lives, albums still matter” — His Purpleness made explicit a message that Beyoncé and Pharrell attempted to express visually. But while seeing Hands Up Don’t Shoot on the Grammy stage was worth noting, those two moments weren’t without their own problematic undertones.

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Meanwhile On TumblR: Vuog Le’s Futurist Art And Maya Rudolph Does Prince

By Andrea Plaid

The R’s Latoya Peterson posted this gorgeous piece of artwork by Vietnamese painter Vuog Le on the Tumblr.

“Random Subconscious” by Vuog Le. Via his website.

Bringing it back to the past is Maya Rudolph, along with her pal Gretchen Lieberum and backed by The Roots, and their rendition of Prince’s “Darling Nikki.” Check out the vid here, and check out what else is going on at the R’s Tumblr!