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The Friday MiniTape – 5.11.12 Edition

Our illustrious DJ-in-Residence is recovering from a long week of work and gigs, so he asked me to fill in for him this Friday. The problem? While my musical taste is as varied as Mr. Garcia’s, my brain is on the fritz – due to my pop culture work, I’ve basically been listening to Rihanna’s Talk That Talk all week. If you are having a midday tryst this Friday, I encourage you to check it out.

Instead, I’m going to clear my head and start with a head nod to Elle Varner. I spotted her in Elle Magazine a few months back and eagerly checked out her mixtape on SoundCloud. She’s most famous for “I Only Wanna Give It To You:”

But I like other tracks a bit better – her lyrics are far more complicated than what we normally hear in pop songs. Varner creates songs out of real life situations, so it’s a almost stunning exploration of brokeness and insecurity on the way to the top. Check her conversation with a purse-snatcher toward the end of “WTF”:

I also just rewatched Labyrinth for the 10th time. This go-round gave me a new found appreciation of the soundtrack, especially “As The World Falls Down” – the song Jareth (David Bowie) sings to Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) during the goblin ball.

(Can we just side bar for a minute? How epic is David Bowie as Jareth? How epic is J.Conn’s hair game in this scene?)

That scene was so influential, I keep ascribing it to other songs, like “At The End of A Slow Dance” by Van Hunt:

I’m generally not a fan of nerdcore, but when I got the email from Tokyopop containing the best of Otaku sourced hip-hop, I had to take a listen. And Richie Branson brought it:

I haven’t turned on Cartoon Network in some years now, but it was there I discovered Inuyasha and Samuari Champloo, so I guess I can support.

And that’s it – happy Friday y’all!