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March 18, 2010 / / art

by Latoya Peterson

Erica Kennedy and Marisol LeBron called our attention to controversy over a new mural in New York.

According to My Fox New York, opponents of the work claim that the mural (prominently placed on 42nd street) draws on negative images of black and Latina women:

The mural was recently put up on 42nd Street. It depicts black and Latina women with long fingernails and little clothing. The mural and its creator — a 26-year-old artist — are facing fierce criticism.

“Why are they not standing here with briefcases and cell phones or even communicating with people to show the professionalism of black and Latino women?” says Anthony Herbert, a community advocate. […]

However, Sofia Maldonado, the artist, explains that all her work is informed by a certain aesthetic: “The young artist, Sofia Maldonado, a Latina woman herself, says she’s bringing to Times Square a community of women representative of Harlem, Brooklyn, and other boroughs. And with it, a side of New York most tourists don’t see.”
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