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August 23, 2011 / / african-american

One of the primary songwriting and producing teams of Motown, Ashford & Simpson specialized in romantic duets of the most dramatic kind, professing the power of true love and the comforts of sweet talk. In “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” from 1967, their first of several hits for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, lovers in close harmony proclaim their determination that “no wind, no rain, no winter’s cold, can stop me, baby,” but also make cuter promises: “If you’re ever in trouble, I’ll be there on the double.”
– Ben Sisario, New York Times

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February 11, 2011 / / humor

By Arturo R. García

Dear Mr. Groban:

Congratulations on being picked to sing the U.S. national anthem at next Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game.

No, really.

Just remember, though, that you’ve got your work cut out for you. You’ll have competition both on the court, and from the echoes of history.

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