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Mailbag – Odds and Ends

Over at the Fashion Bomb, Claire posits that this may be the year of the newest model dream team:  Arlenis, Chanel, Sessilee, and Jourdan.

Marie writes in to point out one positive aspect of Avatarthe female leads are Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sigourney Weaver, all from groups traditionally underrepresented in Hollywood.

Indeed, Avatar is one of the most minority filled films we’ve seen in a while – but everyone is covered in blue body paint. Hmm.

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The WTF Files [Mailbag]

Think Progress alerts us to this racial asshattery:

The OhioDaily blog reports on a “rogue” dispatcher from the North Canton Police who recently sent out a racist e-mail from her work account. Dispatcher Anita Malachowski forwarded this message:

    “New “Air Force One” Tail Number and yes, please forgive me, I’m really sorry, I really, really tried not to laugh, but …………………..!”

Attached to the e-mail was an Photoshopped image of Air Force one with NI66ER written on the plane’s tail.

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Mailbag – 2009-08-04

Compiled by Latoya Peterson and Thea Lim


Seeking: Submissions of artwork by youth reflecting: resistance to oppression, violence and all kinds of discrimination; the process of healing, and the building of hope…

What do I have to do? Submit your artwork for the exhibit. Then, on September 21st, participating artists will have an opportunity to talk about their work at the launching of this art exhibit in Toronto. The exhibit will be followed by a screening of the documentary “Highway of Hope,” a documentary filmed and directed by Indigenous feminist activist (and Racialicious Special Correspondent) Jessica Yee about the numerous disappearances and murders of Aboriginal women along Highway 16 in British Columbia.


Reader Shawna sends in a link to the Racebending LJ which shows some new cast shots from the Avatar movie. Gen describes the costumes as going for “the white native look.” I’m inclined to agree:


Digital_Femme points us toward this disturbing ad campaign from Diesel:

I’m with Brigitte, from Make Fetch Happen, when she says:

I honestly don’t know what to think of these. The phrase that keeps coming to my mind is “Girl, you need to call your people to come and get you!”

Don’t get me wrong, [model Ariel Meredith] is beautiful and has a great figure for lingerie but personally speaking, I’ve never fantasized about at clothing optional party where I’m the only chick present in the shot and a white guy who looks like European Jesus rubs lotion on my belly. Call me old-fashioned. There are more photos at the Diesel site featuring two white female models in their skivvies but their booties are unmolested.