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Dream Act Moves On To Senate Vote Thursday

By Arturo R. García

After narrowly making it through the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday, the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act will now be up for vote in the Senate, where it’s likely to run headlong into a Republican party filibuster. As Rep. Lamar Smith, R-TX, told CNN:

Mass amnesty is not the only problem with the DREAM Act … The bill allows illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition at public universities, placing them ahead of U.S. citizens. The bill also is a magnet for fraud.

Of course, Mr. Smith’s definition of “ahead of” is in question: the act specifies that to even be eligible for said tuition – and not in the form of grants, but in college loans and work-study credits – not only would each student eligible under DREAM have to apply for a six-year conditional residency program, but would have to either complete two years’ worth of college courses or military service, and would not be able to apply for conditional residency until 5.5 years into the program, provided he or she maintains “good moral character.”

As this deals with immigration, much of the reporting and rhetoric concerning DREAM has, as is now customary, focused on immigrants from Latin American countries. But as this video Angry Asian Man posted reminds us, there are other communities involved.

As AAM notes, you can call your Senators at 866-996-5161 to express your feelings about the DREAM act.