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Maya Rudolph Stars in Bridesmaids

by Latoya Peterson

Bridesmaids has been touted as an answer comedy to a lot of the laddies gone wrong movies that have been dominating the box office. Produced by Judd Apatow, the guy who helped to usher in the nerd version of the laddies gone wrong cinema wave, the film stars Maya Rudolph as the bride to be, and Kristen Wiig as her reluctant maid of honor.

A new trailer was recently released – according to Nikki Finke, the team behind the comedy wasn’t happy with the first trailer, which they felt didn’t represent the film:

Here’s the second trailer:

I want to comment on the dearth of female fronted and female written comedies, but I’m blinded by the bride’s all white social circle.

(I suppose the Queens of Comedy, Frangela, Deborah Wilson, or Anjelah Johnson may not be a good match with the existing cast (despite having a mix of television and film credits), but nobody called Margaret Cho? Was Aisha Tyler too busy with Archer? I mean, if she can infiltrate Friends…)