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September 18, 2009 / / asian

By Special Correspondent Nadra Kareem

Editor’s Note: The episode discussed in this piece aired about a year ago, but as Jon and Kate’s marriage publicly disintegrates while many onlookers wonder what will happen to the children, this issue seems worth a bit of discussion. – LDP

This year has no doubt been a trying one for Jon and Kate Gosselin. Not only did the couple file for divorce but also the rumor mill linked Jon to a slew of young hotties and Kate to her beefy bodyguard. Given this, it seems hard to believe that just last year the Gosselins appeared by all means to be one very big happy family. Take the “Korean Dinner” episode which debuted July 2008. In it, Jon—whose father is French and Welsh and mother is Korean—tries to teach his children about their Asian heritage. Unfortunately, Jon, along with Kate, does a pretty abysmal job in educating the children about culture.

For starters, the first scene from the episode is of Kate bowing in stereotypical fashion. Moreover, when discussing the ingredients needed for his Korean dinner, Jon assumes a stereotypical accent. “Ancient Chinese recipe,” he says as if he were Mickey Rooney playing Mr. Yunioshi in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” To make matters worse, Kate assumes the same mock accent later on.

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May 22, 2009 / / asian

by Latoya Peterson

While catching up with my blogfeeds, I noticed an interesting item over at Hyphen. Claire recently uploaded a post titled “Kate Gosselin’s Asian Fetish” where she discussed the racial dynamics dredged up by the reality TV stars’ tabloid fueled falling out:

Since Jon was caught smokin’ in the girl’s room, the discussions of this couple have come back around. I went looking to see if there was any racial teaming-up behind Jon or Kate (not that I could find) and instead found that a couple of discussion boards pointed to this 2007 video (can’t embed.)

In it, Kate says that she’d always had “a thing for Asian men, my whole life,” so the dramatic reveal of Jon’s hapa-green “most gorgeous Asian eyes I had ever seen” when he took his shades off really … er … made her day.

It gets better. About a year later (in 2008) there was apparently an episode, described here, where Kate answers a fan question about having Korean-looking children:

    Kate explained that she has always wanted her kids to “look like Jon.” She talked about having daughters who looked like “little China dolls.” She said she wished she herself were Korean.

Wowza. Even if you discount the whole thing about Kate wishing she were Korean (which could be hyperbole aimed at what she assumed were the audience’s prejudices), you gotta wonder what Jon thinks when he hears his own wife referring to their mixed Korean children as “little China dolls.”

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February 10, 2009 / / culture

by Guest Contributor Kenny Darter, originally published at Hate on Me

“What color is she?”

White ladies have a bunch of kids and get TV shows. A Hispanic woman pumps out eight babies and gets scorn – and maybe a few high-profile interviews.

California woman Nadya Suleman birthed octuplets late last month after having six kids earlier this decade – all through in vitro fertilization. Having 14 kids isn’t the soundest family planning – throw diaper subsidies into the stimulus package, Barack! – but we’ve seen this before, and we’ve seen a celebration, not a simultaneous national gag reflex.

The 2003 remake, “Cheaper by the Dozen” and its 2005 sequel track the craziness and hilarity of a couple with 12 quirky, good-looking kids. Audiences saw that it was tough managing a small army of mouths to feed, but in the end, it’s all just really quite funny and heart warming.

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