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The Racialicious Roundtable: R.I.P. Heroes

Hosted By Special Correspondent Arturo R. García


The show has lost its’ direction, its’ heart, and most damningly of all, it’s lost its’ point.
May 4th, 2009

Ever wanted to mourn something but just couldn’t? That’s about how I felt Friday afternoon, when the word got out: Goodbye, Heroes.

Really, nobody should’ve been surprised. Not to wish anybody out of a job, but really this show should’ve been canned after the conclusion to Volume Three, when its’ last really intriguing idea – dueling Companies – sputtered to a halt after a year when … well, when Mohinder almost turned into The Fly. That about sums it up. And it’s worth noting that we ended our reviews and Roundtables for this show in the middle of last season because readers were asking us to ditch it for FlashForward – which is a whole other matter, one we’ll discuss on Thursday. For now, though, we gather the ‘Table again, not to praise Tim Kring, but to bury a vision that started out with a lot of promise, only to see it buried in waves of privilege and peroxide.

Your first reaction to the news?
Andrea: “Oh.” Nothing more, nothing less. Because there was nothing left to the show…or I reached the last stage of mourning over it. I accepted that it was crap by Tim Kring’s design.
Mahsino: Well they’ve been threatening to cancel it for a while now, so my reaction was “Finally”.
jen*: It’s about time. That and wondering what ZQ will be doing next. (Star Trek 2 isn’t coming out fast enough for me.)
Diana: Meh. Whatever. Continue reading

Who Is the Haitian?

by Latoya Peterson

Arise Magazine has an interview with Jimmy Jean-Louis. Jean-Louis, a model/dancer/actor is best known stateside for portraying “The Haitian” in Heroes. From what I can remember of the Heroes recaps, quite a bit of the snarking revolved around the shrinking role of PoC on the show and the falling ratings. So I was amused to read:

Jean-Louis continues to brood mysteriously on our small screen this autumn as season four of the hugely successful sci-fi drama goes on air. “We are shooting it now, and it’s going great,” Jean-Louis says. So what fantastic superhuman twists and turns can we look forward to? Naturally, his lips are sealed, but you can be sure The Haitian won’t be far from the action. A fixture on the show since the beginning, he’s an ambiguous figure who uses his superpower – an ability to erase people’s memories – sparingly and wisely.

Really? I think I need to check with Arturo on this one…

At any rate, some of the behind the scenes details were revealed:

The role now seems to suited to the 41-year-old actor that it’s hard to believe he first tried out for DL Hawkins (Leonard Roberts). “I auditioned for DL three times, and the producers said ‘No, no, no.’ It was only later, while I was in Africa promoting the film Phat Girlz, that they called my manager and asked me to audition again for another role,” he recalls. “He told them I wasn’t even in town, even after I got back to Los Angeles, until they finally offered the part to me without seeing me, which is unheard of in TV.”

The part was originally meant to be from New Zealand and called The Kiwi but was changed to The Haitian to suit Jean-Louis’ roots. “We went through a few names, but the reaction from the audience to the Haitian was so great that they kept it. And you know what – I like it because it helps me promote Haiti. Heroes has made me a reference for Haiti and has inspired me to go back and help Haiti.”