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The Friday MiniTape – 3.16.12 Edition

Longtime readers might recall Jane Lui appearing in our San Diego Comic-Con preview last year prior to her playing Penny in the (very well-done) stage adaptation of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Well, we’re happy to report she’s still doing her thing: not only can you buy her original tracks on her website, but she’s coming off a show at Boston College last night, and is still sharing covers on her YouTube channel, including what she calls an “unrequited love mash-up” of two Madonna tunes, “Crazy For You” and “Rain”:

Meanwhile, let’s check in on one of the acts Thanu Yakupitiyage name-checked in her analysis of MIA’s “Bad Girls” video from earlier this month. In just two years, Shadia Mansour has performed alongside the likes of Q-Tip, EPMD and won the endorsement of Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. You can see what the fuss is about for the British-born Palestinian on her single “Kofeyye Arabeyye (The Keffiyeh Is Arab),” with a NSFW (lyrics) cameo by M-1 of Dead Prez.

Finally, we’re gonna step back into the ’90s just for a bit, with a criminally underrated track from Living Colour. The group has experienced a bit of a resurgence of late, following pro wrestler C.M. Punk’s adoption of the band’s biggest hit, “Cult of Personality,” as his theme song. But it’s hard not to listen to “Type,” from LC’s third album, Stain – which was released 19 years ago this month – and not feel it especially hit home in today’s times. Everything is possible, but nothing is real, indeed …

The Extra-Large Racialicious Guide To San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Part I

By Arturo R. García

The San Diego Comic-Con’s growth shows no signs of slowing down, even before its’ host venue, the San Diego Convention Center, begins its’ own expansion. As things stand, however, you can expect virtually all of downtown San Diego to be awash in SDCC-related events of their own. With that in mind, this year’s guide will run in two installments, while also covering some of the extracurricular festivities and celeb sightings.

Case in point: if you’re a Whedonista getting into town before Preview Night on July 20, you should go see singer Jane Lui in a stage adaptation of TEH JOSS’ Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The show premieres July 17 and runs thru July 30 at the Tenth Avenue Theatre. Tickets are available here, and you can see Lui talk about her transition to acting here:

With that in mind, click under the cut for a look at the POC-centric stuff going on and around SDCC. Highlighted panels will include the full description from the SDCC program.
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