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All I want for International Women’s Day is….

By Special Correspondent Jessica Yee

IWD is like Christmas time for me. Although I’m certainly not religious, I definitely enjoy the gathering of folks, the general merriness in the air, and the giving and receiving of presents (big or small!)

IWD is like that too. I look forward to it every year, and like any loyal family member, try to make it out to as many events as possible with something in hand to contribute. I walk away in an attempt to not indulge too much, and deal with the never-ending frustrations of the many differing perspectives on how this day should be celebrated.

So as the good ole tune goes, in my original remix, all I want for International Women’s Day is…

  • Justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women worldwide
  • That women who are learning to birth babies in their home communities be fully funded and supported to do so
  • Affordable access to birth control, particularly since it’s risen some 900% for low income women in the last two years
  • All Indian Health Service staff and centres to receive training on administering rape kits
  • That Aboriginal women be entitled to matrimonial real property on reserve, and restored rights to own land after divorce, separation, or widowhood
  • For pleasure to be an equal and important part of sex education
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