August 11, 2009 / / links

by Latoya Peterson

International Blog Against Racism Week
has once again come and gone. Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s batch.

Karynthia – We Have Feelings Too, or The Cost OF Being A POC in Race Discussions

Because clearly if we’re calm enough and nice enough in the face of offensive behavior then everything will get better right? After all that’s usually what’s implied someone trots out MLK Jr. as an example of how POC should behave in the face of racism. I heartily suggest the next person to feel that urge spend some quality time reading Letter From a Birmingham Jail and recognize that nonviolent protests didn’t include smiling sweetly and eating shit.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Now this might shock and/or offend some people, but I have to say that today is not a day when I give a fuck. Because when POC have teaching moments? It costs us. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. It’s a sacrifice that we choose to make in an effort to improve things.

Shadowyroses – Unacceptable Responses When Racism is Pointed Out

If you tell me to shut up because I can’t change anything, you, from your position as a white male, are telling me, a member of an already disenfranchised group, that my opinion means nothing to you, that you don’t care if my stories are heard, and that you don’t have to care about this issue because it doesn’t affect you. But it does affect me! If you are a white person, don’t tell me to shut up when I say that casting policies are racist. Don’t defend Hollywood. Don’t start making personal attacks at me because I’ve pointed out that you have the privilege of not caring, that you will always have people who look like you on tv, that I do not. Read the Post Link Love – International Blog Against Racism Week 4