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Dear Christina Fallin

By Guest Contributor Adrienne Keene, cross-posted from Native Appropriations

Dear Christina Fallin,

Last night, someone tagged me in the comments of your post on Instagram, a picture of you wearing dark red lipstick and a coordinating warbonnet. Initially, I just rolled my eyes and closed the window, because since I’ve somehow become an “expert” on white girls in headdresses, I get sent pictures like yours pretty much every. single. day. Don’t believe me? Just glance at the “#indianheaddress” tag. But then I got an email, then another, and another, and another, and then realized that this one was different–because you, Christina, are daughter of Oklahoma’s Governor.
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OPEN THREAD: Ke$ha’s headdress on American Idol

By Special Correspondent Jessica Yee

Last night on American Idol, Ke$ha belted out a performance, and was joined by 3OH!3 who sing a tune in her popular song “Tik Tok”, only to re-appear on stage with a full headdress (and war paint, I guess?) on.

I think she just might be channeling the appropriation spirit of Juliette Lewis I wrote about a while back. What say you?