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March 1, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joe Lamour

Image via AMCtv.com.

In Monday’s recap, I talked about how discussion-heavy it was–and light on plot. This, however, gave the characters time to hash out their problems–some which have been brewing all season. Kiki Smith, Nikki Urban, and Carly Neely joined me this week to talk about the “Michonne and Andrea” argument, the “Rick and Everyone Else” argument, and more.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead episode 3.11 are under the cut.

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February 18, 2013 / / Entertainment

by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour

Image from AMC.com.
Image from AMC.com.

This week’s episode gave us a few shocking moments (one in particular for me involving a hatchback door… shiver), and a few interesting things to discuss come the roundtable. One of those things was Glenn and Maggie’s talk this episode, as well as Herschel and Glenn’s conversation afterward. Then there’s the last ten minutes of the episode…

The breakdown: Each week, a Walking Dead roundtabler or I will provide a recap the day after the newest episode airs. The next Friday morning a roundtable discussion of the episode is posted hosted by me, Joe, and a variety of guest commenters.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead 3.10: “Home” are below the cut!
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