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Brooke-Lynn Pinklady Speaks On Self-Identification and Arrest

By Sexual Correspondent Andrea (AJ) Plaid

I fucked up.

In my post about the transphobia stinking up the Mr. Cee/Brooke-Lynn Pinklady arrest, I referred to Brooke-Lynn as a trans woman.  This I gathered from the reports and from how I was taught to recognize how the media tends to misgender trans women and other female-presenting people, complete with the public humilation of referring to their government names, vicious transmisogynistic slurs, and misuse of pronouns.

Come to find out that I was wrong.  In this video (NSFW alert: language) that Bossip just released, Brooke-Lynn not only self-identifies but also discusses the arrest:

A transcript is under the cut.
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