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June 21, 2012 / / WTF?

By Arturo R. GarcĂ­a

Over the past couple of days, it’s become clear that Jonathan Wall is not alone.

Wall’s experience at Downtown Sports Bar and Grill in Raleigh, N.C., has garnered attention from the likes of MSNBC after being posted by a former instructor, leading to a protest against the restaurant this Saturday.

The story is something out of the Jim Crow era: last week, Wall, a Raleigh native due to start grad school at Harvard this fall, and two friends went to the bar and were told by a bouncer that they needed “memberships” to be allowed in. The people in front of them, Wall says, were let in without a hitch. The bouncer ultimately relented after being approached by two police officers. Two members of Wall’s party – Wall and one of his friends – are black.

“This was the first interesting ordeal of the night,” Wall says, “but not the last.”
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