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August 2, 2011 / / casting

Single Ladies

The dearth of good scripted shows with leads of color should be a concern on multiple fronts. While representation in front of the camera is important, all the jobs that occur behind the scenes (like writers, showrunners, camera staff, and crew) also are in desperate need of diversification. So, when I can, I like to give scripted shows a longer shot to impress me. I waited out all of Undercovers with no reward – so it was refreshing to see Single Ladies overcome an underwhelming pilot and come into its own early in the season. The show was just renewed for a second season, so Kendra Pettis and I decided to chat about why we keep tuning in on Monday nights.

Latoya: So first things first – Kendra, how did you get into Single Ladies? For me, it’s one of those times when my inner twelve year old made the decision. Just like I couldn’t not watch Mel B running around on It’s a Scary World, as soon as they said “series” and “Stacy Dash” I was there. And then they said Queen Latifah producing, and it’s a story about female friends, so I stayed.

Kendra: I’ll admit, it was the Stacy Dash x-factor me too. I was judging this show hard before it premiered, convincing myself that it couldn’t possibly be any good given the channel’s history with with WOC — I Love New York, anyone?– and I wasn’t even encouraged by the Queen’s involvement. But I wanted to watch because I wanted Stacy Dash to work. When I finally sat down two weeks late and watched the premiere I was pleasantly surprised– both by the story and that DB Woodside was once again on my television screen. Read the Post Quiet Addictions: Single Ladies on Vh1