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Epic Fail Of The Week: Youth Football Coach Says Racist Rants Were ‘Taken Out Of Context’

By Arturo R. García

Thanks to Angry Asian Man for pointing out this story in Georgia: When youth football coach Frank Samuelson isn’t leading the 10-year-old squad for the Brookwood Football Association, he apparently likes to share his adventures around Snellville on Facebook (spelling his):

I was dining in an Asian buffet today [big surpise], and I heard this morning how Asian students are suppodely so much smarter than American kids. My personal observation is that those fishheads still eat with chopsticks. It took Western ingenuity to invent the fork. I’m just saying. … they a’int that friggin’ smart.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Samuelson (who is thankfully not an English teacher by trade) also served on the board of the association, a position which, one would think, enabled him to see that POC kids make up half of the league’s participants. Not that he didn’t “admire” some skills beyond the gridiron in another post:

How to solve illegal immigration: Arrest the 30+ million illegals that are here first. Have them build a huge brick wall across the border [those guys do great brick work], and make them build it from the Mexican side of the border. Mount 50 calibre machine guns across the top and shoot anyone trying to climb over.

Samuelson has also been quoted as calling South Asians “red dots” and Mexicans “beaners.”

At a meeting Tuesday night, the newly-lawyered-up Samuelson stepped down from the board – though not his coaching position – and apologized for his outbursts, saying they were taken out of context, which led to this exchange with WGCL-TV reporter Michelle Marsh:

Marsh: In what context would those statements have been appropriate?
Samuelson: It’s, you know, it’s, they were friends of mine.

Samuelson’s take was fleshed out in his apology letter, which was quoted by the Georgia Daily News:

The things I remarked about were meant to be humorous or at least thought provoking in front of the eyes of my friends who make up a variety of different people of from every walk of life, race and many national origins. It really, really bothered me to think that people were offended by any of this because if anything, it was meant to either respond to some of my friend’s posts or poke at them in turn. It was never the intention of mine to make anyone feel offended.

Change.org already has a petition up calling for Samuelson’s removal from the sidelines, but whether it happens is anybody’s guess: on one hand, CNN reported that he had his own contingent of supporters at Monday’s meeting.

On the other, if the dispute lingers on, it could hurt the league where it hurts – in the wallet. The Journal-Constitution noted that the BFA has brought in more than $1 million in revenue over the past five years. And perhaps even more importantly than that, in a region of the country where football really is king, it’s an early development system for the area high schools. Given the specter of neighborhood and economic pressure, the BFA might well decide this guy isn’t worth the trouble.