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August 21, 2009 / / blog

by Guest Contributor Jasmine D, originally published at This is Jasmine

This was my first BlogHer conference and I’ve been telling folks it won’t be my last. I was lucky to have my friend Liz show me around and introduce me to, like, everybody. One of the folks I met through Liz was Megan Smith, who writes a blog about television called Megan’s Minute. We were able to talk a bit at the first keynote, then a bit more when I crashed the “Women of Color” (or was it “Bloggers of Color”?) table at lunch. I say crashed because I didn’t know you had to sign up for these special tables where affinity bloggers — green, LGBT, political — could connect. I felt kind of intimidated as I didn’t know anybody else at the table, though everyone was super-nice and took my cards when I remembered to pass them out.

I didn’t see most of the ladies from the table until the next day at what was my favorite panel of the weekend, “Women of Color and Marketing”. The panel was borne of a question that Kelly of Mocha Momma brought up during a panel at BlogHer ‘07:

[M]arketers and PR companies don’t often approach women of color (any color) and it seemed as if these companies didn’t know how to speak to this particular group of women. In those two years have companies gotten better at approaching bloggers of color? Are these women being offered similar opportunities as their counterparts?

How should companies approach bloggers of color and have any of these women who have been presented opportunities have anything to share on the do’s and don’ts of dealing with PR companies?

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