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A Muslim Community, Tarred Again

By Guest Contributor Zahir Janmohamed

Huma Abedin. Via New York Magazine
In 1995, I was a student delegate at the United Nation’s 50th Anniversary conference on religious harmony held in San Francisco. We began by reciting verses from each of the world’s major faiths, including an Islamic prayer that was listed as the “Mohamedan Prayer.”

Seventeen years later, it is hard to imagine someone—let alone a major organization like the UN—using this archaic, Orientalist term to describe Islam. Americans know so much about Islam these days that I am frequently asked by strangers if I am Shia or Sunni.

But every once in a while—and particularly more often in an election year—there are reminders that the rise in awareness has not corresponded to the rise in sympathy towards Islam and Muslims. The recent comment by Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) that long time aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Huma Abedin is a mole for the Muslim Brotherhood is just the latest example of this hysteria.

I do not worry about Abedin. A person of her intelligence and clout can withstand these attacks. I worry about Muslim high school and college students who wonder why they should even enter politics if they will, like Abedin, be constantly scrutinized because of their faith. Continue reading

Three things to do today to take action against Native American bigotry

By Special Correspondent Jessica Yee

Just a quickie – if you have 5 minutes today, do three things.

1) Take action against the ridiculousness of racism against Native people and stereotype extremism that is the DUDESONS on MTV (the Cowboys and Findians episode was the topper of bigotry).  The American Indian Movement in Santa Barbara is organizing a day of action to shut down the show on June 6th.

2) Sign up to be a witness (it’s a virtual thing) to the federal government in Canada for under-funding child welfare services on reserves and the ongoing blatant human rights abuses in First Nations child welfare.

3) Watch this video spoof about the new immigration check point for “illegal” European immigrants on Indigenous land and post it far and wide: