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Dirt Road with Maple trees by sxc.hu user Krappweis

The Hack is Over!


After weeks of trying to rid 8 years of archives of malicious, Ugg boot selling code, we are back to normal. Apologies for the long absence and delay. All should be well, but if you spot anything that looks strange, email team@racialicious.com.

Thanks to long time community members Porter and Lauren for spending late nights and long weekends combing through files and updating our security.

We begin anew tomorrow.

Announcement: On Joining The Stream

Me, with Derrick Ashong, post show, with Grover Norquist, the guest.

Former host Derrick Ashong and myself, with show guest Grover Norquist.

Now, we normally don’t publicize things about our personal lives or jobs on Racialicious.

However, this time is a bit different.  After appearing on Al Jazeera’s The Stream as a guest, then guest hosting, then subbing for the amazing Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, I finally decided to make it official. I am joining The Stream (American Edition) as Senior Digital Producer.

I am announcing it here is because I want the Racialicious community to come with me.

Over the years (we’re coming in on seven, almost eight for those counting; close to a decade for the MMW peeps) this community has brought some of the most challenging questions to our doorstep in the service of discussing race. How do we understand issues of race when this whole concept is fictional? As soon as you cross borders, racial labels fall apart, but the societal consequences remain. To what extent does colonialism play into our discussions of racism and solidarity? Where does religion and religious identity intersect with race? How do we even craft terms to describe ourselves without further playing into these systems that do not serve us?

I’ve often felt frustrated that we didn’t have the resources to go out and actively source stories. While some members of our community who are journalists have provided us with great pieces over the years, there are so many times when I wished we had a team to dispatch and cover events. And that’s to say nothing of all the media critique we’ve done over the years. Continue reading

Announcements – Racial Justice Job; Minority Fashion Entrepreneurs Workshop; Women Innovate Mobile; Trans Friendly Health Center


Macy's Workshop Logo

We received this email from Macy’s promoting their retail development program:

We’re excited to introduce a Macy’s program designed just for business owners: the 2012 Macy’s Workshop!
Macy’s has developed the Workshop, a retail development program designed to give multicultural and/or women business owners the tools to better succeed. Macy’s is committed to helping diverse retail vendors grow within the industry, and after a successful program in 2011, the 2012 Workshop is shaping up to be even more exciting!

The Workshop is a once-a-year, 4 ½ day training course for up to 20 participants.

According to their site:

Macy’s is in the business of fashion and is committed to aggressively pursuing business opportunities with innovative multicultural – and women-owned retail vendors. This commitment not only serves as a way to cultivate new talent, but as a way to contribute to the fostering of business development in the ever-expanding communities we serve. The Workshop is a comprehensive retail vendor development program designed to give select
high potential multicultural and/or women business owners the tools to better succeed and sustain growth in the retail industry. [...]

The Workshop at Macy’s will provide you with:

*An exclusive program located at Macy’s Herald Square Corporate Offices in Manhattan, New York, designed by Macy’s senior level merchants and learning and development experts
*A unique learning opportunity with courses taught by retail experts and accredited faculty
*Exposure to successful multicultural and women business owners
*Interaction with experienced merchants, industry leaders and private brand specialists
*An opportunity to network, collaborate and engage with fellow aspiring vendors

The Workshop at Macy’s offers a comprehensive program that includes classes in:

*Strategic planning
*Merchandising and assortment planning
*Sales and marketing
*Access to capital

The workshop is FREE but you will have to pay your own travel to NYC and lodging if accepted. Interested? Apply here; deadline is January 22nd, so hurry!

Jobs in racial justice, women innovate mobile, and info on a health center catering to transgender clients after the jump. Continue reading

“Gender Skirmish”: On Pop Culture and Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado 5

“Now, I know Shakespeare’s a dead white guy. But he knows his shit, so we can overlook that.” — Mr. Morgan, in 10 Things I Hate About You

Ever since one of my mother’s boyfriend’s pressed a copy of Othello into my ten year old hands, I’ve been semi-obsessed with untangling the dynamics of Shakespeare. I love remakes, and the 90s was rich with them, including O, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Romeo + Juliet. And as I get older, there is so much more to tangle with. The roles of race in Shakespeare (I’ve read at least four interpretations of Othello); ethnicity/religion (where do we even start with Shylock?) are always ripe for exploration. And recently, I’ve read about anti-colonalist interpretations of The Tempest and queer interpretations of Othello. So the themes can be endlessly explored and remixed.

So I was thrilled to be offered a spot discussing The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s interpretation of Much Ado Without Nothing – SET IN CUBA!

The set was gorgeous, the production well played, and I would love someone more versed in Cuban politics than I to check it out and report back.

In the meantime, here’s the schedule for the symposium:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

10:00 a.m.
Welcome Remarks
Shakespeare Theatre Company Audience Enrichment Manager, Hannah J Hessel Continue reading

Talking About Feminism: Tuesday Night at Swarthmore

Tomorrow night, I’ll be giving a talk at Swarthmore College on feminism, pop culture, and rape culture – which is a lot to squeeze into an hour but I will do my best. I’m still ironing out a couple of tech/narrative kinks, but there will be some discussion of this:

90s Music

And something on this:

And some chat on this:

And you know we have to bring up this:

slutwalk fail

If you are in the area, please feel free to drop by Sci 199 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM and join the conversation.

Announcements – Celebrating Fathers of Color; Racialicious Goes to NYC; Comic Con-Anita Hill- New Black Imagination Meet Up?

Donate to a Fathers of Color Picture Book and Project
Janine writes:

I’m working on a children’s book that celebrates engaged fathers with the intent of uplifting families, moms, children… everyone. The language isn’t outwardly political, but it is also about presenting positive images of boys and men of color, especially as integral pieces of loving, thriving families.

I recently launched the project on Kickstarter. Check out its quick 2-minute video:

I’d be really honored if you posted this project on your blog!

The book is for dads, and moms, and single dads, and single moms, and kids. I see engaged fatherhood is key to lifting up our communities. This book counteracts the stereotypes of deadbeat dads of color. It shines love on those fathers out there that are amazing, and making amazing contributions, but invisible within mass culture. It paves the way for this generation of boys to be just as amazing. And from the mom and girl end, I believe that men’s full engagement in family life is key to ending the oppression of women (in so many ways).

Donate here.

Conferences, Festivals, and a Meet Up
Also, three major events are happening in NYC on October 15th: The Festival of the New Black Imagination, New York Comic Con, and Sex, Power, and Speaking Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later. Read on for more details and a possible meet up. Continue reading

The Latoya Tour: “Ain’t I a Woman” In Brooklyn

If you’re in the area tonight, please check out Latoya–who’s teaming up with Elizabeth Mendez Berry–refusing the silence about race, feminism, and activism. :-)

Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY

Ain’t I A Woman: Women of Color Speak On Activism
April 11th, 2011, 6PM – 12AM
Mixer 6PM ** Panel 7-9PM ** Party 9-12AM

Long after Sojourner Truth pondered the question – “Aint I A Woman?” we continue to face a white supremacist culture that undermines women of color, young women, undocumented immigrants, and the LGBTQ community. We’re convening this panel to ignite a discourse about the experiences of women of color in the feminist movement and beyond. On this night, six outstanding feminists and activists will go head-to-head to discuss race in the feminist movement today.

We know that the movements to eradicate racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism are inextricably connected. We reject the silencing and subjugation of women of color and aim to create a safe and courageous space to raise our voices, confront tensions, celebrate our triumphs, create collective solutions and share our stories. Through this sharing, we can create a united front so that, instead of surviving through silence, there can be a dialogue on how to battle institutionalized oppression.

Speaking our truth is crucial to our survival. By gathering together and learning from our shared and individual tales of love and struggle, we will each emerge with new perspectives that will enable us to engender the change we envision for the world.

In the words of bell hooks, “There can be no feminist revolution without an end to racism, classism, ageism…”

Round One: Latoya Peterson, Founder of Racialicious
Elizabeth Mendez Berry, Journalist

Round Two: Lori Adelman, Program Associate at International Women’s Health Coalition
Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, Reproductive Rights Activist

Round Three: Jessie Daniels, PhD, Author and Sociology Professor at Hunter College
Anna Holmes, Jezebel Founding Editor

Music by DJ Lobotomy Copter throughout the night, http://on.fb.me/gRnBsN

**$10 Suggested Donation (but no one turned away for lack of funds)
**We encourage live tweeting during the event using the hastag, #AIAW

** For more info, contact Morgane at refusethesilence@gmail.com with the subject line: “Ain’t I A Woman”

Price: $10 to help us cover reservation costs, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Announcements – New SXSW Panel & ARP Survey

by Latoya Peterson

SXSW 2009 was great, and our panel on “Can Social Media End Racism” went over well. (If you missed it, the link leads to the overview and where you can download the podcast.)

Now, the voting for 2010 is open, and I pitched a new panel:

Social Justice and Video Games

Latoya Peterson, Racialicious.com
This panel would look at racism and sexism in game design from the view of those in the industry and players. It will discuss solutions to create more inclusive games and work/online environments in a fun, interactive style conversation.

1. Why do we need to be concerned with social justice and video games?
2. Why do people say video games are racist?
3. Why do people say video games are sexist?
4. Why don’t more minorities/women work in gaming?
5. Why aren’t more minorities/women playing games online?
6. How can I diversify my work force?
7. What should developers keep in mind when planning a game?
8. How do marketers avoid problematic representations of race and gender?
9. What are some examples of the problems?
10. How do we combat stereotypes?

Social Issues, User Experience, Video Games
Interactive 2010

Latoya Peterson

Co-panelists for this event would include N’Gai Croal and Naomi Clark. Other possible panelists include Professor Andre Brock.

Please help us get there this year. You can vote here:

Vote for my PanelPicker Idea!

Even if you aren’t planning to attend, you can still vote – SXSW releases podcasts of all the presentations, so you can still receive the benefits of our panel.

Also, while you’re voting, please head over to the Anti-Racist Parent survey. Here’s a message from Tami, the editor of ARP:

You’ll notice that this morning I posted a link to a brief survey on ARP. As part of our efforts to improve our blog, we want to assess what topics are of most value to anti-racist parents. We also hope to get a demographic snapshot of who reads ARP and who doesn’t. I am hoping that each of you–columnists and contributors–might also post a link to the survey on your blogs. Again, our hope in the future is to gain a wider audience for ARP, so it is important that we hear from those beyond regular readers of the site.

Once we have gathered survey results, I hope to share some highlights of parental racial attitudes and desires.

Click Here to take survey!

Thanks for your help!