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Goodbye, Racialicious!

By Andrea Plaid

After being here for five years, it’s time for me to move on, Racialitizens.

Longtime readers remember my starting here as the Sexual Correspondent after my very first post, “What Color Is Your Orgasm?” Then, one of my most talked-about posts had

That's me and Sady Doyle Tiger Beatdown, In These Times) at a Harvard panel for Feminist Coming Out Day.

That’s me and Sady Doyle (Tiger Beatdown, In These Times) at a Harvard panel for Feminist Coming Out Day.

nothing to do with sex, but racialized gender stereotypes, namely about First Lady Michelle Obama as a big-afroed Black militant and President Obama (who was then a presidential candidate) outfitted in gear suggesting that he was a Muslim on the cover of The New Yorker.

Since then, I’ve written about Montana Fisburne’s foray into porn, multiracial swingers cruises, race play (including interviewing the inimitable Mollena Williams!) and John Mayer’s getting into his racism in Playboy, among other topics.

With staff restructuring behind the scenes, I took on the title of Associate Editor and with that, created and co-curated the Tumblr, as well as wrote the Racialicious Crush of the Week column. With that I got to write about such fabulous folks like porn star Keni Styles and filmmaker Mira Nair, as well as interview some extremely cool people like rosa sparks, Scot Nakagawa, and Profs. Blair L.M. Kelly, Tamura Lomax, Heidi Renee Lewis, and Jakeya Carruthers.

Thanks to the incredible opportunities provided by my writing here, I’ve written at other media outlets, like RH Reality Check, Bitch, and On the Issues. I’ve also gotten to give my opinions about race, sex, gender, and pop culture at places like In These Times and Melissa Harris-Perry. Oh yeah! And at Ebony.com, which named me one of the “8 Dynamic Black Women Editors in New Media.”

So, where am I going and what am I doing after this? Well, a few places and things:

1) I’m starting a new blog with Racialicious’ Senior Editor Tami Winfrey Harris called Squeezed Between Feminisms! With our target audience of Gen Xers and a crew of 40- and 50-something feminists of color writing with us, we’ll still be posting about pop culture, but also about race, gender, parenthood, sex and sexualities, and other topics as they intersect with feminism. We already have a Facebook page and will be tweeting very soon (@sbfeminisms), and check out our debut on Sunday, 9/15! To say that we’re excited about it is an understatement!

2) The aforementioned Mollena Williams and I are co-producing an co-directing a documentary about the intraracial politics of Black people and “ashiness,” as some Black folks call dry skin. We started filming back in June and just shot a great segment with fabulous love and life expert Abiola Abrams in Brooklyn! Check out our FB page, stay tuned for our tweets (@ashydocumentary), and please feel free to submit a video about your own “ashy” story at ashythedocumentary@gmail.com!

3) I haven’t completely walked away from progressive writing collectives. I’m now hanging out with said Dr. Lomax and the rest of the incredible collective at The Feminist Wire!

4) I also compiled some of my posts from Racialicious–and from RH Reality Check and Bitch.com–into an e-book, coming out before year’s end.

5) I’m the featured “lady ” for this month’s episode of Ladypoints, a web series about women doing the creative life on their own terms.

6) I’m an associate producer for Black Folk Don’t!

With all that said, I take my leave, and I leave a bouquet of gratitude to Owner/Editor Latoya Peterson and Racialicious  co-founder Carmen Sognonvi, who let me do my thang with some great guidance and belief in my writing talent, and to you, the Racialicious community, for being the engaging folks you are.

It’s been real, y’all. Take care!


Watch: Our Own Andrea Plaid Talks Scandal With MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

If you missed her on Saturday, catch our Associate Editor Andrea Plaid talking about Scandal on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry as part of an all-star “watch party” that delves into, among other topics, the imperfections of Olivia Pope and why they matter.

“For one hour, we’re allowed to walk into a world where there’s a woman who’s powerful and wonderful and amazing and yet has some very problematic things going on in her life,” Andrea explains.

Also on the panel:

  • Heather McGhee, vice-president of policy and outreach for Demos, a public policy group working toward social and economic equality
  • Janet Mock, author and founder of the #GirlsLikeUs project on Twitter
  • Joy-Ann Reid, managing editor of The Grio and a frequent contributor and guest-host for MSNBC

Congrats, Andrea!

P.S. If you need to catch up on last week’s episode, Joseph has your recap right here.

EBONY.com Shows Andrea Plaid Some Love

Racialicious.com Associate Editor Andrea Plaid

As we begin the week, let’s send up a cheer for our own Associate Editor, Andrea Plaid, for being named one of 8 Dynamic Black Women Editors in New Media by EBONY.com, alongside movers and shakers from outlets like BET, Colorlines, The Grio, and others.

The full list–and Andrea’s words on the kinds of black women editors the publishing world needs–can be found here. And don’t forget to check out her weekly look at The R’s Crush of the Week and visit the Racialicious Tumblr, which she runs with frequent updates every day. Congratulations, Andrea!

Announcement: Reproductive Justice Media Workshop in NYC!

By Andrea Plaid

New York City Reproductive Justice Coalition, a outgrowth of SisterSong NYC, proudly hosts its first reproductive-justice media conference this weekend!

Attendees–and those following the Ustream–will hear from RJ activists and writers Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, Belle Taylor McGhee, Jamia Wilson, Akiba Solomon, Dara Sharif, Simone Jhingoor, Shanelle Matthews, Jasmine Burnett, Faith Pennick, Nuala Cabral, Carol McDonald, Dalila-Johari Paul, Gabriela Valle, Nicole Clark, Steph Herold, Pamela Merritt, Janna Zinzi, and the R’s Jessica Danforth (Yee). Racialicious’ Associate Editor Andrea Plaid will open the workshop.

The workshop also features a film festival on Sunday, 5/20. Sunday’s roster: NO!: The Rape Documentary, Silent Choices, We Always Resist, A Vital Service, and Don’t Need Saving.

Realizing that not everyone can attend this event, the R is supporting the workshop by livetweeting it for you! If you want to catch other commentary and conversation, follow the event hastag, #RJMedia2012, and the NYCRJC’s Twitter, @NYC4RJ.

For more info, check out NYCRJC FB page: http://t.co/HYtAOMVS. Hope to catch you in Twitterville!

Shameless Promotion Thread – Love from the LA Times, Essence Magazine, More Magazine, Clutch Magazine, and Awards Galore + Special Guests!

by Latoya Peterson

essence page

I’m terrible at remembering to do these kinds of things, but we, as the Racialicious collective, got a lot of love the last few weeks and want to acknowledge that.

Jessica Yee

Jessica has been named a “Distinguished Visitor in Women’s Studies” by the University of Windsor. Here’s her statement:

All I know is that for me it is feminisms with an “s.” Feminism for me is so much more than women’s issues, it’s human rights. I think it’s important to pull it apart. One definition is not going to do it.
I think it’s dangerous to have one definition of feminism.

Jess was also awarded the Harmony Award!

Harmony Education Foundation honours Jessica Yee for her work in breaking down barriers of discrimination and fighting for social justice. Her advocacy and activism for a more inclusive and equitable Canada epitomizes our ideal of a “youth leader for social change”.

Just as a visual representation, this is Jessica’s life according to Twitter:

# about to go watch my sister warrior and fave Native hip-hop lyricist Lindsay Eekwol Knight throw it down at the University of Saskatchewan about 15 hours ago via web

in Saskatoon presenting “Workin’ It With Two Spirit Youth” at the All Nations Hope 4th Annual Aboriginal HIV/AIDS & HCV Conference about 24 hours ago via web

Getting on the plane to Saskatoon! (@ Ottawa International Airport) http://4sq.com/b1rKvc 2:17 PM Nov 3rd via foursquare

5:30am train back to Ottawa to speak w/ fellow Onkwehonwe strong woman Ellen Gabriel “Oka Crisis, 20 Years Later” then 4pm plane 2 Saskatoon 9:46 AM Nov 3rd via web

On the train back to Ottawa – here for a whole 4 hours today! Lol (@ Via Rail Train Toronto-Ottawa) http://4sq.com/9qc6ZU 7:59 AM Nov 3rd via foursquare

Press Advisory – YOUTH ACTIVIST JESSICA YEE TO RECEIVE 2010 HARMONY AWARD: TORONTO, Nov. 2 /CNW/ – http://bit.ly/aal1MK 11:16 AM Nov 2nd via twitterfeed Retweeted by JessYee

Nia:wen ko:wa to all my friends, family/of choice, and most of all the youth who this award was for. Love you all so much 10:17 PM Nov 2nd via web

incredibly humbled tonight and blessed to have such an amazing community of support for me to receive 2010 National Harmony Movement Award 10:15 PM Nov 2nd via web

At Six Nations Polytechnic today working with kick-ass First Nations youth across Ontario on HIV leadership prevention http://4sq.com/ahwxpl 8:14 AM Nov 2nd via foursquare

hitting the road to Six Nations for Chiefs of Ontario HIV Young Leaders Forum today! 7:19 AM Nov 2nd via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Girl…celebrate with a nap!

Andrea Plaid

In addition to tirelessly working on the blog carnival, and being our resident Twitter socialite, the fabulous Ms. Plaid was recently spotted on a Women’s ENews panel about “Drawing the Line: Sex and Consent.” Here’s a clip of the live event:

Fatemeh Fakhraie

Fatemeh, in the midst of editing and writing, was also quoted in the LA Times, on the inclusion of Iran and Saudi Arabia on a new U.N. agency devoted to women’s rights.

Fatemeh Fakhraei,[sic] the editor of the U.S.-based Muslimah Media Watch, expressed similar concerns.

“It’s important to have representatives from the Middle Eastern region on this board, but it’s equally important to have representatives who are genuinely committed to improving women’s rights,” she wrote.

Arturo Garcia

Y’all see him every day on site – but did you also know that he moonlights as a DJ? Arturo, post a mix!

Nadra Kareem

Nadra Kareem is knee-deep in writing for TheLoop21.com, Change.org and About.com.

Thea Lim

Thea is buried in her next novel. She says “after four years of blogging, I am trying to learn to appreciate much slower modes of publishing. :)” But several of her articles for Racialicious are being reprinted in Canadian and American textbooks, including Canadian Content and Opposing Viewpoints.

Latoya Peterson

It’s been a good few weeks for media coverage.

The image at the top is from Essence Magazine’s November Race Issue, where they said:

“Latoya Peterson is like that whip-smart friend who effortlessly breaks down the nuances of White Privilege but can also gab about True Blood. As editor of the blog Racialicious, the 27-year old offers witty, fearless critiques of race and pop culture.”


Clutch Magazine & HP partnered to present 50 Amazing Tech Tastemakers – and they named me one!


I am so honored to be in the company of Tameka Kee and Lynne D. Johnson who are two of my personal tech heroes.

I was also in a young feminist spread over at More Magazine:



I would transcribe the text, but it’s basically my bio and a quote about having women in front of and behind the camera. All of my comments about race ended up on the cutting room floor, which I expected.

It was great meeting Morgane, Lena, and Jen, but where there is feminism, there is always drama. (See here, here, here, here, and here.)

Last night, I was on a panel about the Future of Blacks in Television – soon as a video is up, I’ll link to it.

And on to our special guests…

While he’s not officially a member of Team Racialicious, he’s with us 100%, so we were thrilled to see the fabulous Phil Yu (aka Angry Asian Man) hitting the cover of KoreAM:

Phil on Koream

Jen & Diana have honored him with a Babewatch post.

And speaking of the dynamic duo behind Disgrasian, they were also named in Koream as one of the top 10 Asian American blogs. Heeeeeeelllllllll Yeah!

Jen and Diana - Pinkies Up!

I was flipping through one of my fave design magazines and spotted Anil Dash, talking about his new company and open government:

Anil Dash

And somehow, Baratunde ended up in a Lexus commercial:He talks about it here.