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January 10, 2011 / / books
January 5, 2011 / / books

By Arturo R. García

In an interview with Latina magazine, author Alisa Valdes-Rodríguez continued the theme of her holiday blog posts, saying she was misled in the deal to bring her debut book, The Dirty Girls Social Club, to television.

Rodríguez told the magazine that Ann Serrano López, to whom she sold the Dirty Girls developmental rights, had offered her “final approval over every script and final approval over every major change that they made.”

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January 3, 2011 / / books

By Arturo R. García

Since we noted it in the links last month, the controversy surrounding a TV adaptation of Alisa Valdes-Rodríguez’s book The Dirty Girls Social Club book series went from escalation to cease-and-desist orders to, now, an apparent cease-fire.

The novel, the first of two books dealing with a sextet of Latinas (the “Dirty Girls” nickname stems from one of the girls being referred to as “Sucia” by her family; a third book will be released this fall) who become friends while attending Boston University and stay in touch as their lives take them in different directions. In a series of blog posts, Rodríguez accused the parties to whom she optioned the television rights – producer Ann Serrano López and screenwriter Luisa Lechin – of distorting her characters’ ethnicities and transforming them from sex-positive characters into sexually-irresponsible caricatures.

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