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June 10, 2011 / / comics

By The Racialicious Team

Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised at all.

Maybe it was too much to expect X-Men: First Class to show any less of a tone-deaf sensibility than Heroes. Matthew Vaughn, the director, warned us as much:

We talked about race issues because they say X-Men was based on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, but I think I had enough political subtext in this movie. We’ve already discussed in the next one, does the civil rights movement become part of … But that’s a real hot potato as well, still, so we decided to stay clear. You can only put so much in one film, so, the sequel …

I don’t know. I don’t like talking about sequels because the film could tank and then there won’t be one.

So there you go, everyone. Meanwhile, Arturo and Andrea retraced their initial impressions, and expanded on more reasons why this film can’t be considered more than a well-intentioned failure. Spoiler-riffic discussion under the cut.

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