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August 19, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted By Joseph Lamour

mage via True-Blood.net.  >
Image via True-Blood.net.

The True Blood S6 finale ended with a lot of big-ish to enormously relevant moments to Sookie and company. Even with with the Killy Kill McKill mood of season 6, I’m elated to note that all of my favorite old and new characters survived to the credits. Although next season remains to be seen.[/caption]

Before we begin the long journey to accepting that we won’t see Jason Stackhouse’s abs for almost a year, partake in some. SPOILERY FINALE EPISODE TIDBITS for sharing — after the cut.

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August 12, 2013 / / Entertainment

Hosted by Joseph Lamour

Image via True-Blood.net.
Ed.’s Note: Laffy’s looking ferosh. Pairing your purple suit accessories
to your purple eyeshadow is living life at expert level.

I think this was the best episode of True Blood in quite some time, don’t you think? After the end of the hour, I realized I didn’t roll my eyes at nearly anyone. I’m thinking the last great episode was in Season 4 when Sookie and Amnesi-Eric first slept together (two seasons ago!) and also in the same episode a bewitched Jessica walked into the sun and I had to wait a whole week to find out she didn’t die. (I remember being pretty sure that I would have stopped watching in protest if the almost-death of Babyvamp Jess was an actual one. Given the frequency of characters meeting their maker (at least 1 per episode these days) I’m pretty sure I’ll consider a boycott if/when she does — knock on a wooden stake.

Shifting back to this past installment, the cast and crew of this HBO show sometimes show to us from time to time; during the gore and the camp and the bizarre, they hit it out of the park and remind us, “We can be super awesome. Our boss did in make Six Feet Under.” Keep it up, television show.

Discussion points with a side of SPOILERS for True Blood 6.9: “Life Matters” are under the cut:

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July 8, 2013 / / Entertainment

This episode was fairly short on plot – most of the crew agreed that this was an episode designed to move the plot forward. However, there was one thing this episode had a plenty – fanservice! Joseph Lamour, Kendra Pettis, Jordan St. John, Alea Adigweme and Amber Jones join me to shake our heads at Sookie and start our support group.

On the rape and rescue of Jason Stackhouse…

HotShot Women

Joseph: Man, a two episode rape arc? This is worse than SVU.
Kendra: @Joseph, Should we really be surprised? Tara had practically a full season rape arc last season. For Ball & Co. this is old hat at this point.
Latoya: Will someone please save Jason?
Jordan: brother husband?
Alea: Eek.
Amber: @Jordan Right?! They are killing me with these familial titles. The writers keep overemphasizing the incest that takes place within Hotshot…you know, just in case we forgot about it since last season or something…
Jordan: ewwwww… on a number of different levels
Latoya: Jason is being gang raped ON TV!
Alea: “Next.” Called it last week. Jason’s being “married” to all the ladies of Hotshot.
Joseph: I wonder if the writers have a “Big Book of White Trash Stereotypes” they dig into when these Hotshot people need to speak
Latoya: @Joseph – Yes, clearly.
Amber: @Joseph OMG they definitely do and they keep it on the bookshelf right next to “Upholding the Cult of True Womanhood: A Handbook” and “On Screen Torture Using American Slavery References.” Read the Post Barely Alive, and Only Alcide was On Fire: True Blood Roundtable S4, E4